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Comment Re:Forget the customer (Score 1) 153

Whilst I agree with you on principal, you comparison has a flaw.

Having books on a shelf in your own home, is like taking any laptop and making it dual boot yourself. Nothing stops you from doing that.

I believe the issue here is if you sold a book that was a bastard marriage of Tolkiens Lord of the Rings and Kings Dark Tower all in one.

Comment Re:Your Comprehension Sucks (Score 0) 106

You just suck. In general.

Nothing you have said yes has any correlation to a short coming of OSS.

You also contradict yourself. "Open source-ness is simply not a quality factor" .. there we go! It has no meaning of quality whatsoever. It is a software engineering description that doesn't mean a thing. You have warped it into some sort of argument that does not exist.

Congrats, you entirely miss the point of this hobby project. Care to embarrass yourself further?

Comment Re:Dude. (Score 1) 106

I fail to see what it is about being Open Source has to do with anything. I think you just want to piss on open source, which is fine, but in this context it means nothing.

This is a free port of a game originally made in 1999. It was built as a clone of that game. Do you expect just because time has passed that the game should be reimagined?

The devs do this in their free time as a hobby. Being open source or not has no bearing on the points you are trying to make. Just because the game is old doesn't mean a dev shouldn't be able to release an update.

As for accepting inferior products, go and check out Greenlight and how well some retro indie games are doing

You have a warped taste for what is adequate. Perhaps you should go play some more CoD:Ghosts.

Comment Re (Score 1) 51

I'd not heard of the beta until now, so I slapped in and navigated to this posting ..... its actually not too bad. It renders faster, has a cleaner minimalistic look.. much like the way the web is going these days for the "flat" feeling. I believe this is like when Facebook has an update, nobody likes a change.

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