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XBox (Games)

Submission + - MS extends Xbox 360 warranty, offers refunds (

unts writes: Looks like Microsoft has finally realised XBox 360 failure rates are a little on the high side. From HEXUS.gaming: "Relating specifically to the long-running hardware issues with the Xbox 360, Microsoft has confirmed that all consoles from today will be covered under a three year extended warranty, but not only that, they're prepared to refund anyone who has paid for the problem to be fixed."
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - IPhone battery program

epidemic99 writes: There is a story online that I will make a lot of Iphone users mad. Apple just released what it will cost to replace the battery in the Iphone. The battery repair, which can't be replaced by users and will cost $79, plus $6.95 for shipping! A consumer advocacy group sent a letter to Apple complaining that this information was not made public before Iphone's release since the cost of the battery replacement is so high. Even reviewer Walt Mossberg who is usually very kind to Apple was quoted as saying "some of them might be waking up now, wondering who they got in bed with."

Submission + - Red Hat wants interoperability without patent pled

AxminsterLeuven writes: Ars Technica reports on Microsoft's refusal to work with Red Hat on Windows/Linux interoperability, without Red Hat signing a patent deal first: "Linux distributor Red Hat wants to work with Microsoft to improve interoperability without signing a patent pledge, but Microsoft says that a mutual patent indemnification pact — like the controversial covenant not to sue that Microsoft established with Novell — is a prerequisite for collaboration."

Submission + - Crossfire HD 2900 XT vs. 8800 Ultra (

Mr.Tweak writes: "We pit AMD's Crossfire Radeon 2900 HD XT dual graphics setup against Nvidia's uber expensive GeForce 8800 Ultra to see if the huge price tag of Nvidia's flagship offering is actually warranted. Spend only $100 more and you've got yourself a high-end Crossfire setup."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Three flashing red lights cost Microsoft $1bn (

An anonymous reader writes: The Financial Times reports that Microsoft will take a charge against profits of more than $1bn as it tries to limit the potential damage to its videogames business from a design flaw in the Xbox 360 games console leading to units to fail. This is the "three flashing red lights" problem.

"Mr Bach denied that the product failures showed Microsoft had launched the console before it was ready, or that they resulted from the company's relative weakness in hardware design."


Submission + - Blackberry "spy" software released

Noryungi writes: "Maybe the French were onto something after all. It turns out that there is a software able to spy on Blackberries, and record voice conversations and all messages (emails or SMS text message) that transit through the portable devices. Of course, the software has to be installed by the owner of the Blackberry, but it would not be surprising to find out that someone has found a way to silently auto-install that software on RIM devices."
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft facing $1bn Xbox bill (

turly writes: "Microsoft has said that it is facing a bill of more than $1bn to cover the cost of offering extended warranties, after failings with its Xbox 360. ...

The failures are indicated by three red flashing lights on the console."

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Optimizing Daily Habits

Anonymous Westley writes: Mike Elgan shows you how to Save 5 Hours a Day, the Geek Way. For example:

If you read news magazines and newspapers, and also exercise, you can combine them to gain at least an hour in your day. The secret is to replace current-events reading with podcasts, and listen while you're walking or jogging or lifting weights. Chances are, the publications you read have podcast versions. Also, try BBC programs, major TV and radio news channels offerings, as well as Slate and other online zines. By switching to podcasts, you'll save money, help the environment, and cut time spent reading (because you can listen while you're doing other things).

I've been listening to entire courses for more than a year now (thanks, Teaching Company!), plus all kinds of podcasts and even text-to-speech'ed emails. It makes even jogging almost bearable. How do you optimize your time?

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