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Comment Hyperbole much? (Score 1) 85

As I clicked to the fine article I was prepared to see a description of a gigantic airplane, overshadowing a Catalina, perhaps even a Spruce Goose. Yet the actual airplane is a little underwhelming.

TFA reads: "Larger than Boeing's 737 jet, the TA600 aircraft has a maximum takeoff weight of 53.5t and a maximum range of over 5,000km."

If one defines "larger than" as "having a higher MTOW" then the TA600 is indeed larger than a 737. That is, a 737-200 (1968 vintage). More recent versions are considerably heavier.

The other stats, 8.9m-long, 12.46m-wide and a maximum cruise speed of 231km/h aren't very impressive either.

It looks like a nice plane though, I hope it succeeds and that we'll see it often. There aren't enough amphibious planes around. But it will take a lot to make it more awesome than a Grumman Goose ;)

Comment Typical Discovery story? (Score 1) 76

"potentially deadly"
"could have significant impacts"
"a problem for life"
"it can strip"
[...] Cohen told Discovery News

A lot of 'ifs' and some potential for drama, that's Discovery channel for you nowadays. Everything needs to be spiced up and 'made more interesting' by adding suspense, drame, etc.

Even a walk in the park can be potential disaster, not to mention the problems that can occur while taking candy from a baby.

Good thing I have 56 other channels ;)

Comment Daily snapshot (Score 1) 379

On New Years Day 2010 I set my self the target of publishing one snapshot a day on my personal website, as a means of recording what I was doing that day.

I've been keeping it up, publishing about 20 snapshots a month (it's more difficult than it seems, especially when you're in a work/sleep rut ;) ). And I enjoy looking back at them and remembering what they relate to.

It's not about the detail on the photograph (there are usually no people in it) or the quanitity (there's never more than one for a day) but each one acts as an 'anchor' to events in the past. Even simple things, like the staircase of the building where I work, my old car, flowers in spring, a birthday cake, can bring back a pallette of feelings and memories.

Comment I'm all for it (Score 5, Insightful) 359

In fact, why not take it a step further? Why limit the use of this system to the protecting only of children and vulnerable people?

I propose a system where offenders are clearly marked using clean, unique identifiers, worn in a visible place. For example, on their lapels or coats. By marking people this way, it will be easy to pick them out to disallow access to certain areas and to provide for continuous easy monitoring of their ways.

Distinctions could be made between sex offenders, thieves, previously convicted enemies of the state, etcetera, by using a colour-coding system of sorts.

Comment Win for hobbyist (Score 1) 295

I see: a win for electronics hobbyist: cool screens for hobby projects against a price that's likely to be less than currently available screens due to the high numbers.
The waiting is for the first programmable microcontroller projects that use this screen (Arduino, for example).

I'm afraid most of the electronics will end up being trashed (burned, landfill) when the paper is read, unless there's a recycling program for them (which TFA didn't mention)...


Submission + - Linux Powered PS3 to be used in DARPA

An anonymous reader writes: Axion Racing was the first team to autonomously drive up to the top of Colorado's Pike Peak and now leads the way by finding cutting edge uses for the beleaguered Sony PS3. This two time DARPA Grand Challenge qualifier is the first racing team to implement Yellow Dog Linux and a Sony PlayStation game console to manage one of seven autonomous vehicle cameras.

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