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Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 572

When you say "a push" keep in mind you're talking about "nudging" a 417 metric ton (a bit under 1 million pounds on Earth) object that is constantly falling around the Earth at over 27,000 kph. The amount of energy and fuel needed to even push the ISS to a slightly higher orbit (Say 375km perigee instead of 355km) is more than you can physically store on the station, let alone the amount of lift you'd need to bring it up to the station itself. If you follow that along to the amount of force a bomb would need to "nudge" a bomb would give to the station, it would definitely nudge whatever is left into an extraorbital path, leaving the rest of the debris on unpredictable orbits around the Earth, crashing into satellites, spacecraft, astronauts, what have you.

Comment Re:If not China, why US? (Score 4, Insightful) 445

So by your reasoning, a terrorist is a revolutionary, and (at the risk of sounding jingoistic) the 9/11 attacks, Madrid bombings, London, Moscow, etc., were all on a par with Tienamen Square or any number of peaceful demonstrations for Tibet or human rights in general.

And are you seriously suggesting that the US at large is culpable for the actions of William Calley, Jesse England, and any other rapist, murderer, or degenerate who manages to make it into the uniformed service.

Careful using a broad brush when you paint your pictures, it smacks of an untrained eye and mind.

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