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Comment Re:dust (Score 1) 284

Oooh that's a very nice little cartridge! I don't have the C64 anymore though, but I do still have my A500 with 512KB expansion pack, 10MB harddisk and original monitor (and 1 joystick, the 2nd having died) and an external floppydrive.

I'm thinking of buying a raspberry pi to replace the whole shebang, because it's taking up rather a lot of space and the 3,5" disks are becoming difficult to read.

Comment Re:That's too bad.... (Score 1) 125

A lot of the music in the charts is horrible. However, there's also loads of bands making great music right now. For every 10 crap songs I hear, there's also that one band that suddenly pops up with a great song. Twenty One Pilots recently.

99% of everything is crap. But with hindsight we forget Rick Astley and... well, maybe not. But we overcame Wham. And Vanilla Ice. And the lambada.

Comment Re:how about you? (Score 1) 579

If you have a job and a mortage and only standard financial issues, spending 30 bucks is more than enough effort. If you have an "interesting" financial situation, it might be wise to spend some money.

A co-worker had a wife with a trustfund in another country. As it turns out, due to the laws being what they are she's not liable for taxes in *either* country. They spent about 1000 euro and in exchange saved around 15000 in taxes. Each year.

I recently changed my "company" from "self employed" to "limited liability". Somehow, this gives me a 100000 euro waiver on my income that I don't have to pay income tax over (but I have to pay myself income that is then taxed, over 15 years). That 1800 euro was well spent because what would have been 50% tax over a lump sum is now 38% tax over that amount divided by 15. Saves me 12000 euro in taxes in total and a bit less in interest.

Comment Re:Next the gov't decides YOU have too much money. (Score 1) 579

It may be true that no other company had done this. But I don't know whether that can qualify as anti-competitiveness since they'd have to show other companies being denied such a blessing.

That won't be hard - how many companies had to pay 0.005% tax? Oh, noone except Apple. How many would have wanted this had they been told it was possible? All of them. Microsoft is in Ireland too, and not for the scenery. The fact they didn't get this ruling is quite telling.

Comment Re:take (Score 1) 367

What will happen is that the most obvious diseases will be targeted, leading to a whole slew of initial successes and then quite a long stall as it turns out that the remainder of what makes us, us, is extremely complex, interacts with itself in loads of unexpected ways and generally is still very poorly understood. Junk dna, methylization, gut bacteria, and the recent discovery of even more inhabitants in the gut, bacteriofages, that interact with everything as well, all show that there is still a whole world out there we know nothing about.

Much more attainable and more sensible too is prediagnostic screening of embryos. Just remove the ones with the most obvious diseases and you're good to go with none of the risks attached to "templated DNA".

Comment Re:I'd consider it (Score 1) 367

I've checked and the gene is "autosomal dominant" so if your spouse does not have the gene, all you need to do is make sure you use IVF and select the right embryo(s). Googling "ivf and embryo testing for cancer" immediately brought up loads of clinics that provide this, like

So if you find the right partner who agrees with you on this, it's not hard to have genetic screening *right now*. No need for a vasectomy at all.

Comment Re: Um, baloney (Score 1) 112

I know it's not done to actually look at the article in question, but you might have checked and seen that it is a very simple testing site, with questions ranging from the laughably easy to the ridiculously obstruse, and that you can just google every answer. I spent an hour answering questions and they could really use a lot of improvement.

My take? This whole press release was designed to get attention for the site. No need to actually take it serious enough to think about it. If you want to have a ranking that means something, ignore hackerrank and start contributing on

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