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Comment Re:I've been trying feedly (Score 1) 335

Because there is no website. See here.

When I first started using Feedly it was just a shiny veneer over Google Reader and it kind of still is. Notice that without the extension there's no login on their site. They've assumed your feed information from Google Reader into their extension, but they haven't yet produced a version that they can host. They probably didn't have hardware that could handle their user base offline before Google announced Reader is shutting down. The way the extension currently works, you could probably host from a laptop.

Comment simple really (Score 0, Offtopic) 504

As someone who provides satellite internet access to all manner of land- and sea-faring vessels I can offer special insight into how easy it is to rectify your problem.

All you have to do is quickly finish off that degree. But be quick because the US Navy's Officer Candidate School takes 12 weeks and you need to get in and out of that before that new semester starts. While that's going on you need to win over as many people on Congress as you can. Your best bet is to start an internet campaign before joining. Then when you get out you can have Congress rush through your appointment to admiral. Two-star at least.

It's that simple.

Once you've gotten through all that you're pretty much guaranteed a decent internet connection throughout your travels. Unless someone like me accidentally pulls a patch cable or something (which was an unfortunate accident and given the involved general's reaction not one I'm likely to repeat).

Linux Business

Submission + - EU study: open source increases competitiveness

Rob writes: Increased use of free and open source software in Europe could increase the region's competitiveness with the US, according to a European Commission study. "Given Europe's historically lower ability to create new software businesses compared to the US, due to restricted venture capital and risk tolerance, the high share of European FLOSS developers provides a unique opportunity to create new software businesses and reach towards the Lisbon goals of making Europe the most competitive knowledge economy by 2010," states the report.

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