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The Internet

Submission + - RIAA hacked... again. 1

Recon (Drew Magierski) writes: "Well, it seems that as of the time of writing, the RIAA either made a huge blunder or was hacked. Although the main page appears fine ( all the links have failed to work. No group has claimed responsibility as of yet. More news as it becomes available."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - How "open" is an open API?

SethD writes: "I've been hired by one of my clients to write a web application which tracks order shipments. I'd like to integrate a mapping API into the program, but we might end up renting out the web app as a subscription service and it appears that the licensing conditions for Mapquest/Google Maps (our 1st/2nd choice) are a bit strict when it comes to "free usage restrictions." Now, IANAL so I'm trying to figure out exactly what is allowed here supposing I charge a monthly subscription fee for access to the app. Is there any way to set everything up and ask the client to "plug-in" the API themselves, or does it basically come down to shelling out $7-10G a year for a commercial license?"

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