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Comment Re:Pointer vs Cursor (Score 1) 116

I hear ya. I only started to know the terms cursor and pointer when I started teaching. And I have to teach according to syllabus. It'll be of no benefit to my students if I teach them other than what CIE advocates me teaching. So I'll stick to cursors and pointers. But, you are right and I agree that we, as people/consumers, will start calling things like the way we understand them most, even if they're not as exact as the original term/name, could even be opposite, e.g. Bruce Springsteen's 'Born in the USA'. Cheers Ledow.


Comment Pointer vs Cursor (Score 2) 116

Thought I'ld comment on "It's not a cursor, it's called a pointer." but then WikiPedia says that MS tends to use carets to call cursors and cursors as pointers, and that some people use text cursor and mouse pointer to call the two respectively, to avoid ambiguities. So, that is new to me, as I've always called the blinking vertical line where text will be entered as cursor, and the arrow-like thing that moves when you move the mouse as pointer. Which is also what I teach my students. Now, I question why they would call it WIMP and not WIMC...


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