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Comment India does not need OLPC or $35 tablet (Score 1) 104

What India needs is one laptop and a projector per teacher/class and decent content developed centrally and a decent broadband infrastructure India has developed very good content for higher engineering education check or and is planning a three tier structure to distribute the same to all engineering colleges. The $35 is the last link in this distribution chain for this content Unfortunately similar content is not developed for primary education(still 40% of Indian population is illiterate) and the primary education delivery is very poor in spite of governament pouring lots(relatively) of money in to it. The whole education field is tightly controlled by government. The relatively rich (top 5% of people mostly in cities) manage to get some reasonable education for their children by sending their children to private "english medium" schools and to tuition and coaching classes for upto precollege(first 12 years of education) and by paying donation and very high fees for admission in "private"engineering colleges. Even in these the quality of teaching and infrastructure is poor compared to abysmal standard in government run primary schools(not english medium) Good and cost effective ICT can change the scene very fast some other points why the $35 access device may not be important are - 3G is being rolled out in India by this year end - this gives broadband access on mobile - most engineering students can afford a $100(approx Rs 5000) mobile phone with 3G capabality and the excellent content is already there for downloading

Submission + - Engineering education India-A revolution in making (

SriniPune writes: You would have read about $35 personal access device premeturely launched by HRD minister Kapil Sibal a few days back.


IMHO it is pure vapourware. The purpose of the device is to make the content of the best engineering schools in India (videos of classes and the presentations etc from IIT's and IISc) to all other engineering colleges.

The content for this has been being made in the last few years in IIT's and IISc and is available for viewing/downloading at


This has around 128 video courses(30 to 40 lectures of one hour each) and 125 web based courses. the same is available on youtube/iit channel. As far I am concerned this is the real story to be highlighted and not some lie about some device which is not proven.

I can vouch that the content and the presentation of the video courses is pure gold but the production of the video's can do with a little more polish. I have bought the DVD's of the courses(available only in india @ Rs 200 each course approx $5) for my son who is an engineering student and as far as I am concerned this is the best which could happen to engineering education

What is more — they have announced Phase II of this project to be completed by 2012 which covers everything up to graduate level in engineering.

As far as I know the real credit for this should go to Sam Pirtroda who had the vision of this and initiated its implementation as long back as 1999 and thanks to buracracy of Indian governament it is seeing the light of the day only recently. This has not getting enough publicity it deserves.

This is my humble attempt to bring this gem of work to the notice of wider audience. What better way is there to give publicity to a subject close to the heart of geeks and engineers ............... "slashdot it"

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