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Comment Re:Google may lose China... (Score 1) 515

A corporation is basically just a group of people, and most people do have sentiments, morale, morals, and regrets. The fact that so many people like to say otherwise is simply an acknowledgment that the corporation's leadership doesn't appear to show outward signs of the foregoing. That line of thinking is a convention that absolves that leadership of any such things, particularly when such things interfere with income. Lest I sound too harshly judgmental, I hasten to point out that a lack of income does tend to cause a corporation to discorporate (to borrow and misuse a term).

"Couchsurfing" Travel Takes Off On the Web 145

mikesd81 writes "The Associated Press writes about a growing network of people online who've gone a step beyond hotels, hostels and even apartment swapping in their travel planning: They sleep on each others' couches. A number of Web sites have sprung up to help pair travelers searching for a place to crash and hosts with a spare couch. Sites like,, and are often free, serving only as middlemen and offering tips on how to find successful matches. The sites are largely the creations of 20-somethings bitten with wanderlust and the hope of helping to bring together people from different cultures. They often depend on volunteer administrators to help manage the Web operations."

Submission + - NTP: A Taste of Its Own Medicine

UltraAyla writes: "NTP's patent suits seem to have attracted the attention of Oren Tavory, a man who claims to have worked on a project with NTP founder Thomas Campana back in 1991. From the article: "In September, Tavory filed a lawsuit against NTP in U.S. District Court in Richmond, Va., demanding that a judge issue a court order naming him as co-inventor on seven NTP patents, and accusing NTP of copyright infringement and unjust enrichment.""

Submission + - Microsoft Opens the Windows CE Kernel

Urban Strata writes: "As expected, Microsoft Chief Strategy Officer Craig Mundie announced the formal release of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 this morning in Redmond. What wasn't expected, however, is that Microsoft has decided to make the CE kernel 100% shared source. "Developers can now access shared source code for the Windows CE kernel — as well as certain device drivers and application-level components — directly from within the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 distribution package," reports "To do this, they click on a function in the IDE that installs the shared source, and indicate their acceptance of the associated shared source license." Is this the beginning of a new generation of openness at Microsoft?"

Submission + - An off-shore wind farm--financed by (gulp) banks?

Prof. Goose writes: "The story reads: "This Wednesday, a few banks, including mine, signed and disbursed a ground-breaking loan: we put 378 million euros on the table, to build 60 wind turbines in the North Sea, 25 kilometers off the coast of the Netherlands, near Amsterdam. The wind farm, at 120 MW is not the biggest to be built offshore (that title goes to Nysted, built three years ago, which has a capacity of 165 MW), but it is the first-ever offshore wind farm to be financed by banks."

It's a really good discussion of the difficulties and profit motives at work in the alt energy world. 57"

Submission + - McAfee users hassle SQLite developer

Martin Jenkins writes: McAfee are happy to use D.R. Hipp's excellent free SQLite library but won't help him stop their users hassling about temporary files their products leave behind. A number of these users think these files are viruses, have called him at his office and refuse to believe the files are benign. After drawing a blank with McAfee D.R. Hipp made this appeal on the SQlite mailing list.

"I need advice from the community. The problem is seen here:

It appears that McAfee Anti-Virus uses SQLite internally, and it leaves lots of files in C:/TEMP that contain SQLite in their names. This annoys many windows users. They get on Google and search around for "sqlite" and find me. Then they send me private email or call me at my office or on my cellphone to complain. Many refuse to believe that I have nothing to do with the problem and I am accused of spreading a virus or malware.

My efforts to contact Mcafee about this problem have been unfruitful.

Does anybody have an suggestions on how I might deal with this? Does anybody know how I can get in touch with an engineer at Mcafee so that we can at least change the names of the files in future releases?"

For McAfee users who want fix this "problem" there's a simple solution —
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Existence of Vampires Disproven Mathematically

dslauson writes: A devastating blow has been struck this Halloween. A physicist from the University of Central Florida drove a stake through the heart of vampire folklore by disproving their existense mathematically. He also took a stab at ghosts and zombies as well.
As the commentators at The Onion noted, it's perhaps The Count who will be the most dissapointed, betrayed by the very numbers he loves so much.
Operating Systems

Submission + - OpenBSD 4.0 released

Undeadly Halloween writes: "On October 18th, OpenBSD celebrated its 11th birthday and ten years of punctual biannual releases. Now it's time for OpenBSD 4.0, which includes tons of new drivers for wireless, network, and storage chips. Consider helping the project buying the new goodies (CD set, t-shirt, poster, Audio CD). Also discover what's new and what battles developers must face daily to access documentation and support new hardware in the traditional interview featuring nearly 20 developers."

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