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Comment Re:never. (Score 1) 369

Electronics aren't just PCs and cell phones.

I work on lab equipment that runs hundreds of thousands to replace and goes up every year.

Manufacturers don't have any incentive to maintain proper support for longer than their one to five year support contracts. They actively force obsolescence on many components that can be brought back into working order with a soldering iron and a little knowledge but can't be purchased any more.

Comment Re:Hmmm ... (Score 4, Informative) 97

They don't have to at all.

I worked for one of the company that produced WinRho SDF and we collected donations locally and a location in the US. There's probably a few hundred potential donors in the average sized city. There's a half dozen different name brands for the stuff.

Comment Re:Canadian driving (Score 1) 723

Also, who the heck salts streets ahead of time? Maybe if you're expecting some freezing rain, but not snow. Might work on the first inch of snow but after that it gets washed away and you end up with a great ice/slush base under the new snow. You put it on top, either to melt thin sheets of ice or the fallen snow that gets compacted into ice by traffic.

Where I live, most of the time during the winter temperatures are too cold for salt (and other compounds) to be effective anyway. I don't even bother cleaning the driveway until there's 4-6 inches of snow on it.

Comment Re:Missing the point (Score 1) 463

The current record for people in a single battle at once is over 4000, I was in one last week that surpassed 3900 at one point.

Unfortunately once the fights get that big it becomes difficult for anyone to do anything and the fight becomes very lopsided due to the overhead of newcomers entering the system. Whoever was first on the field can usually hold it simply because they can slaughter their opponents before they can defend themselves. In this one the numbers in system were kept low on purpose so there could be a "good fight".

This is the first fight with such a huge number of titan losses (75), the previous record for any battle was 12. Last time the developers revealed the number of them that exist on the server the total was about 950 but I think that was at least a year ago.

Comment Terrible! (Score 1) 1191

Giant pictures take up way too much space. Tons of wasted white space, especially on the sides. Comments take up up too much vertical space. Too much crap that doesn't enhance browsing the site.

This is the exact same reason I stopped going to digg, the amount of fluff overpowered actual content and the entire site became a pain to navigate because some stupid developers keep thinking OMGZ da peoplez dey wants da shineyz and da poneyz dat I just learned, rather than a compact, easy to read at a glance aggregation of news. The slashdot crowd is swayed by pretty pictures and shiny widgets, they only get in the way of having discussions about the topics and presenting information in a useful format.

The design is terrible and you should feel terrible.

Comment Spot by lab chemical analysis? (Score 1) 184

I wouldn't exactly call their procedure spotting, they're running samples through a $300k GC-MS and found chemical markers distinctive to Kopi Luwak.

It would make it easy for a coffee company to verify that they're buying and selling the genuine product but doesn't exactly help the average consumer to spot the real thing. At least they're more likely to actually be getting what they pay for.

Comment Re: Retroactively? (Score 2) 279

It list all the alterations ever made, which makes for a very long list. There was a whole lot of changes made between the 77, 78, and 81 releases but are hidden in with all the new ones. Terrible record keeping and Lucas' habit of destroying old versions and footage makes it tough to watch the old releases, side by side. I remember seeing different versions of the opening crawl.

"When the original theatrical version was first released, it was simply titled Star Wars.The opening crawl was changed to "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope" during the 1981 re-release. According to Sterling Hedgpeth, Lucasfilm film archivist: "I found a box with all the positive elements for the 'revised' opening crawl, and the assorted trim boxes are dated from October through December 1980. This, then, is consistent with the view that Episode IV: A New Hope was added for the first time to the opening crawl for the April 10, 1981 re-release." "

Comment Re:Some industrial stuff is still on ISA cards (Score 1) 953

Exactly the problem I've been having for years at work on an entire set of gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers.

The interface cards need to use ISA slots. Newer interface cards and instruments use a newer communications protocol and aren't backwards compatible. The software and drivers refuse to work without DOS running in the background like it still did with '98. The only option is replacing entire systems, unfortunately until recently that's been a hard sell as they keep running and replacing them all totals about $500k.

Luckily a few recent failures and lucky donations finally has us moving forward.

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