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Comment Re:Because Cisco would never do such a thing (Score 1) 392

Yes, but they can't really be expected to apply such a policy fairly. You probably need a coalition of some sort between senators who are outraged (or respond to their constituents' outrage), those who support the policy because it helps their foreign policy agenda and those who just want to help out the competition.

So by it's very nature a consumer boycott should be more fair and tougher to dismiss.

Comment Re:Tricky -- NOT (Score 1) 602

Mods, Slashdot does not have a +1 agree moderation. Parent doesn't attempt to seriously address even the most obvious objection to his philosophy. I guess it's interesting that some people can't make the distinction between a fact and their own opinion, but that too is not what +1 interesting was intended for.

Comment Re:Because Cisco would never do such a thing (Score 5, Insightful) 392

So it's not about freedom or democracy just good old Realpolitik? I don't hate the idea but why not let everyone decide individually if they want to boycott these companies? I'm sure Nokia does more business with consumers in the US than the government and Siemens could be hurt pretty bad if the moral outrage was strong enough.

Comment Re:Only one way to respond (Score 1) 138

Boycott buying hard copies of the book, and make electronic copies widely available via bittorent. Simple test: If all the copied text was in quotes or italics, I would say he actually intended to attribute it. If not, it would appear that he was trying to claim it as is own, and only made up an excuse after he got caught. Which is it?

Why would you want to do that? It seems like he didn't bother to put serious work into his book (and tried to hide the fact by not citing his sources) so it's probably a waste of time to read it. You would be doing a disservice to anyone who downloaded it from you.

Comment Re:Plagiarism (Score 1) 138

Um, that's what he said. Almost all works are derivative. Hence the need to cite one's sources. It gives credit to the original author and allows the readers the better evaluate the extent of your contributions. Plagarism is simply not citing your sources. Copying paragraphs from wikipedia into your book is not plagarism. Not citing your source is. Of course if he did cite wikipedia he might have been exposed as a lazy hack. But that's much better than plagarism.

Comment Re:12 year payback? (Score 1) 541

I don't know, when solar panel constructors and banks offer to install them for a monthly rate which is 80% of his electricity bill most people will listen.

It's debatable whether solar power will catch on when the effective cost is 120% or 90% of the price of electricity. But to claim that people won't switch until it costs effectively one fifth of what they currently have is pretty strange.

Comment Re:Price of certainty. (Score 1) 541

While I like the idea and evaluate it myself every few years, I have to mention that during a major credit crunch deflation is always a real possibility.

True, but even if the expected value equals the current price he's better off because his risk is reduced. Of course it could be that the price of electricity is expected to fall substantially but I think that's just not the case.

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