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Comment Re:Too Bad Ada wasn't included (Score 1) 217

Ada was a great language but the college douchebags hated it because it was designed by the DoD. There excuse was that it was too complicated to write a compiler for. So the college pukes kept using C and kept overwriting their stacks and heaps and reveling in the "flexibility" and freedom of their language. Then along came C+ which was truly impossible to compile and these idiots jumped right on that road to perdition.

Comment Re:Caution: Political BS machine at work (Score 1) 294

But the hype has been generated by the State-run Media, i.e. CBS, NBC, ABC, and CNN. Sure the other side (Drudge, Fox) is all hysterical, but it was the State-run Media that has caused the most panic and they did not need to say much, just that some simple facts and the public got very nervous. The fact that the Administration seems has issued a non-nonsensical justification for not shutting the borders from West Africans does not help or that they appointed an invisible political hack to be the Ebola Czar and the CDC does not seem to have its act together has fueled the fire.

Comment Re:Politically correct travel restrictions claptra (Score 2) 294

How about the passport? No matter how they try to get here, they still have to present that Liberian password at the border....sorry buddy... Sure the really, really determined could get in, but 99% would be stopped. If this was any other place except Africa then they politically correct crap would not be taking place. If, say, Ebola was rampant in Tonga, travel restriction would have be implemented long ago. The Administration is playing with out health for political reasons.....

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