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Comment Re:It's heartbreaking that politicians don't do sh (Score 3, Insightful) 482

Training your replacement is demoralizing ...... I had to do it twice before being laid sucks. However, that having been said - it's not the fault of the guy replacing you that your company is going in the direction it is. There was no reason for me to take my aggravation out on the guy I was training, it wasn't his fault. Not always an easy thing to do. Just my .02

Comment Just a thought.... (Score 1) 198

Security is important - that we all know. But, there must be a compromise between asset protection/control and unhindered availability. In a crisis, I wouldn't want my nurse/doctor getting the code to the drug cabinet confused with how many cc's/mg's or whatever is supposed to go into the shot that I'm about to get! Maybe biometrics would be a better alternative?

Comment It's all fun and games until..... (Score 1) 235

one of these upgrade pop-ups causes a serious problem of some kind at an inopportune moment (dentist chair activity perhaps, or maybe air traffic control). These scenarios may not be the best example, but, you get my point. Will Microsoft be responsible for any liability at that point?

Comment Re:it has already gone wrong (Score 1) 142

I agree! I like to increase the text size so my elderly eyes can actually read the print....and as a result the last word or two of each of the headlines is now obstructed by the comments and (what is it?...the share button?)....Whoever is in charge of the UI could you please put things back to the way they were?!

Thank you from a long time member of the Slashdot community.

Comment Too soon to tell? (Score 5, Insightful) 250

With the .NET platform now being available for cross platform development I can't see how there could be a decline in C#. It's only been about 6 months since MS offered .NET for other platforms I don't think that's enough time for any valid conclusions to be made. Wait another 6 months to a year and then take another look. I think we will see an increase in C#/.NET reflected in those numbers.


Comment Holograms? (Score 1) 143

I'm surprised the equipment is not removed by the authorities. They won't let you assemble in person, but, they will let someone setup and run equipment for projecting 'holograms' on the premises? I'm surprised!

In my opinion, this looks like a great novel approach to giving people a way of making themselves 'heard' if you will without all of the problems usually associated with a large gathering of indignant/angry people.

It will be interesting to see if this becomes more widespread

Kudos to the "Holograms for Freedom" organisation for creating such a unique platform for expression.

Comment Elderly Care Solution Maybe (Score 1) 327

I remember reading about a smartphone app. for people to monitor their elderly parents that would monitor an individual for being inactive for x amount of time and then sending a text to someone to check on them if x time elapsed. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the app.(I'm sure you can Google it) but it sounds like it might be a possible solution for you.

Good luck.


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