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Submission + - What Happened To Google+?

SquarePixel writes: Google's own social network Google+ was supposed to the holy grail of social networking and Facebook replacement. It has however changed nothing in the social network game and has become "just-an-another-google-property". Why has Google+ failed to take off and are you using Facebook or Google?

Comment Few things (Score 5, Insightful) 260

First of all, Apple makes its own OS and applications while Amazon just uses Android. On top of that Amazon has always tried to keep their price down so they can sell more ebooks. Apple tries to make profit by selling their devices. These two things combined, I don't think the $100 price difference is that much. It's almost surprisingly low.


Submission + - Good Old Games Adds Mac OS X Support (

SquarePixel writes: The nostalgic games seller Good Old Games has added Mac OS X support to its platform and a catalog of games. "During its much-ballyhooed news-a-thon, GOG drew back the curtain on a new version of its service tailored to Macs, which brings with it 50 games (eight of which you receive free just for signing up) and some rather tempting deals. Speaking of, there’s this insane 32-game pay-what-you-want Interplay special leading the charge in celebration of GOG’s fourth anniversary".

Comment Re:Really? (Score 0) 195

They do force people to use their advertising platform, tho. Yes that's right, if you use Adwords you are not allowed to use the same ads on competitors advertising platforms. On top of that outright monopoly abuse, Google displays its own service higher than competitors, therefore undermining them.


Submission + - Comparing 'Angry Birds' pigs to the 'Bad Piggies' ( 1

SquarePixel writes: In theory, the pigs of Angry Birds should be no different from those featured in Bad Piggies, Rovio's recently released spinoff. But according to Wired's Rhett Allain, there are some differences — most notably, their size. Using Newtonian physics to calculate their real-world size, Allain determined that each pig in Bad Piggies would have a girth of about 96 centimeters. That's 83 percent the size of the original Angry Birds pigs, which measured at around 1.16 meters wide. The slingshot, in case you were wondering, would stand at about 4.9 meters tall.

Submission + - Google Facing Regulation From Both Sides of the Atlantic (

SquarePixel writes: Over the next few months, Google could find itself in trouble with regulators on both sides of the Atlantic. Not only are European regulators set to decide next week whether to take Google to court over its ranking of search findings, but last week reports surfaced that the Federal Trade Commission soon might pursue an anti-trust case of its own against the Internet search giant.

Comment Adobe tried already (Score 1) 297

Adobe has recently made their full software suite available for a monthly fee. Compared to paying several thousands for the software, you only pay $70 per month. For me that seems much better. If, on the other hand, I would like make longer commitment to Adobe's software, I could buy the whole suite, too!

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