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Comment Re:Because you think Google is any better? (Score 4, Insightful) 218

Why would you suspect Google? A more probable explanation would be you visited sites affiliated with the manufacturers of said plastic looking for information about it from your work connection. They saw your domain name accessing their site, looked you up on the corporate web page and sent you an offer.

Comment Re:Fuck religion. (Score 5, Insightful) 903

As an American, it has become increasingly clear that neither side has a real agenda outside of protecting the interests of their financiers (big business on one side and unions/the entertainment industry on the other). Both sides choose a handful of issues to rattle their sabers about during elections, but neither actually want to get what they argue for or they will have to find something new to stir people up with.
Obama ran on a platform of protecting civil liberties and then stood up in front of the nation and defended the NSA spying on each and every citizen. Bush ran on a platform of fiscal conservatism and then spent far more than his predecessor.
Modern American politics consists of distracting the public while you sell their rights to whoever funded your campaign. Championing one side or the other is naive.

Comment Re:Same as it ever was (Score 1) 219

This has to be the work of... wait, who benefits from removing criticism about C++ again?

Whether or not wikipedia thoroughly badmouths a language you don't like boils down to a spat between fanboys, which is not at all comparable to a paid service that helps you hide criticism of your organization from consumers.

Comment Re:The real issue: U.S. government corruption. (Score 1) 555

The GP also knows that if, for whatever reason, you do get flagged for extra attention, and they then realise you've got encryption capable of plausible deniability, that they will not give one iota of a shit about your protestations that you don't use it.

So you give them the information they need to decrypt your hidden partition of porn and they send you on your way, never realizing you have a second hidden partition full of seditious text.

Comment Re:Wait...what? (Score 1) 208

The important story is that the GMO/hybrids are seeing some selective advantage

But do those advantages have anything to do with genetic modifications? Food crops have been selectively bred for thousands of years. The result of hybridizing a wild strain with a strain that has been carefully cultivated is all but guaranteed to produce something superior to the wild strain. Why assume those advantages are a result of the direct modification of genes rather than plain old unnatural selection?

Comment Re:What has this got to do with Microsoft? (Score 4, Informative) 125

There aren't many situations where this vulnerability is relevant, but here is one:

You are logged into your Office 365 account in a coffee shop with unencrypted wifi. You happen to glance at another patrons computer only to realize that he has hijacked your session by sniffing the unencrypted session cookie that you are sending to the server every time you load a page! You quickly hit the logout button expecting your session to be invalidated, but the logout button only deleted the cookie local to your device. The guy who hijacked your session is still logged in and proceeds to send an email to your boss calling him a "nub".

Had Microsoft's service invalidated your session token on the server when you hit logout this disaster could have been avoided.

Comment Would you hit a man with a shirt button? (Score 1) 74

Anyone who is panicking about a theoretical future where someone might be recording them with a pair of eyeglasses is out of touch. Cameras that are the size of shirt buttons have been readily available for years. Every person you walk past on the street might be recording you right now and you would never know. What makes Google Glass so special?

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