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Comment I only use IMDB for the user reviews (Score 3, Insightful) 480

IMDB rating number these days is completely meaningless. Many complete trash films that deserve 2 or 3 stars at most end up with very high ratings because.... Disney owns the film.

Take Force Awakens, which has a very high 8.1 rating. However if you go into the User Review section, majority of reviews are very very scathing. And having watched the film, I agree that the movie was terrible. So why the disconnect between user review and user ratings?

My guess is that it's easier to game the user rating than it is to submit fake reviews, because writing a genuine-looking review is much harder than simply stuffing fake votes with a bot or (in Disney's case) simply paying for a higher number.

Comment Re:Way to go Idaho! (Score 1) 110

Sure, potato is hardly critical foodstuffs in Japan *now* when things are going swimmingly. But envision another WW2 type scenario. You are blockaded by US (or some other) navy, whole sections of the country is devastated by aerial bombardment and rice production has gone to shit. You need any and all foods you can get your hands on to keep your people alive. Potato is one of those foods that for small amount of land and other resources, you get quite a lot of calories, is easy to grow on your poor island soil and keeps well. That makes it strategically vital, unlike say guava or almonds, and it makes sense to keep domestic production of potato ongoing.

Agriculture isn't like software, you can't just start it up and have a viable product in a short amount of time.

Comment Re:Way to go Idaho! (Score 2) 110

Japan has protective trade policies (i.e. no imports) on many food items it considers strategically vital. Potato is one of them.

I agree with this for the most part, you don't wanna be at the mercy of your neighbors when fecal matter starts flying. Only the very shortsighted or stupid think all nations will get along singing kumbaya all the time. Ability to keep your population alive when international relations go south is pretty damn vital.

Comment Hipster fanbois rejoice! (Score 4, Funny) 76

Those guys who take the apple logo sticker that came with their iPhones and stick it on the back of their cars... you know they're gonna be gasming bigly!

Also: the first 100 iCars will come with a permanent new car registration sticker, you will never have to put license plates on your car so you can park it in any handicapped spot, just like Mr. Jobs!

Comment Re: Seeing is believing (Score 1) 202

1l a day to survive if you're sitting around in a nice cool environment and not doing much exercise. A lot more than that in the desert and/or if you do any kind of physical labor.

In the prepper community, the general rule of thumb is to store 5 gallons of water per person per day. That's the bare minimum for drinking needs + food preparation + some (very) basic personal hygiene.

Comment Math is about right (Score 2) 55

Netflix allows 3 simultaneous logins per account, so theoretically you could have 90% of college students using Netflix and only 30% paying for it.

I'm guessing the 34% figure comes from the 4% loners who don't have any friends and still wanna watch Netflix so they pay for their own account.

Comment Re:Battery (Score 1) 104

what recent high-end phone from a major manufacturer has a removable battery? High-end meaning performance good enough to compete with iphone 7.

This is not a satirical question, I honestly don't know and would like to find out which of the latest iphone competitors has a removable battery.

Comment Re:Thanks, but no thanks. (Score 4, Insightful) 120

You wouldn't get your brain hacked, that's silly. It would just be a better version of the currently existing human interface (keyboard input, VGA output).

If your desktop gets hacked, you don't worry about someone hacking your fingers or eyeballs, do you? Well with this brain interface if your computer gets hacked, the worst thing would happen is that the hacker would beam annoying images directly to your brain (instead of displaying it on your VGA monitor) and maybe fuck around with your keyboard mappings so your brainwave commands to the computer don't work properly.

Solution to a hacked PC would be to disconnect it from your brain electrode and de-hack your PC manually, or get another PC.

Hopefully the connection from PC to your brain would be wireless, so a hacker can't actually zap your brain with electrical voltage. But even if it's wired, you could put a good mechanical fuse or circuit breaker in between the PC and your brain so only tolerable voltages are ever transmitted.

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