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Comment Re:Gouge the middle class to make them poor (Score 1) 273

Nuclear family of the 1950s usually started when the parents were in their 20's. Dad working a factory job, stay-at-home mom, living in a 1200 square foot house with formica countertops.

In 2016 millenials in their 20s are either living in the basement of their parents' 2200 square foot house or doubling/tripling up in an apartment with roommates. Yes they have cheap electronics and granite countertops in their parents house or their apartment, but are they really doing better than their 1950s counterparts?

Comment Re:Thank you Donald! (Score 1) 221

I seriously hope Trump gets rid of H1B visa completely. (full stop)

We have decades of empirical data showing who H1B helps and who it hurts. It helps the business owners, and hurts the non-executive workers. For many decades we've had a government helping owners at the expense of workers. Let's try doing things the other way and see how that goes.

Comment Re:That is correct (Score 1) 159

There's no fundamental law against a giant flying reptile that breathes fire either, but that doesn't mean it's actually gonna happen. Flying reptiles exist(ed), flamethrowers exist, biological cells have been known to produce all kinds of chemicals many of which are eminently flammable, so why can't flying firebreathing dragons exist?

Some things from science fiction are doomed to remain just that, fiction. That's my opinion. Of course your assertion that true AI will happen is also just an opinion. We'll see who's right... (although every day that passes with AI continuing to be lame just adds to my side of the argument)

Comment That is correct (Score 1) 159

AI is still so laughably bad that I think the "threat to humanity" danger can basically be counted as zero.

And before anyone says "yes but AI will improve"... there are some things that are simply not possible in this universe no matter how many tweaks and improvements you try to make. Self-aware sentient AI is one, small portal Mr. Fusion type reactor that gives useful net surplus energy is probably another.

On the other hand I think self-replicating nanobots or engineered microbes (not intelligent or sentient or anything, just mindlessly replicating physically) can be a real threat.

Comment Still proudly running XP and Firefox! (Score 4, Insightful) 210

One of my desktops is a Phenom triple-core I built in 2009. It's kinda underpowered for newer Windows versions so I still have XP (service pack 3) running on it.

It runs like a champ by the way, still quite snappy. I used to run Google Chrome on it, but some time last year it started spamming me with "Upgrade your windows, Chrome no longer blah blah" message so I uninstalled Chrome and put Firefox on it. Runs great, happy with the setup.

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