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Comment Re:Put your fucking phone away (Score 1) 150

I don't think anybody spends $287.45 for a movie and snacks (a 5-gallon bucket of soda and a 30-gallon bucket of popcorn, which is the small size, and comes with free refills) with no intent to watch the movie. The problem is that most people in the smartphone age have the attention span of a fruit fly. "Movie is slightly slow, let's check Facebook for just one second. Oh look! Cat videos!"

Also, I would like the record to reflect that when they asked me to fire up the "flashlight" app on my phone, I scratched my head briefly, then got out my Bic lighter.

Comment Re:Put your fucking phone away (Score 3, Interesting) 150

I went to my first rock concert in years, and all three bands had adopted the same shtick. Cell phones are the new Bic lighter, and if several thousand people all use the "flashlight" app on their phone at the same time, the amount of ambient light is impressive.

I'm going back inside now, so get off my lawn!

Comment Re:Not gonna read this (Score 1) 148

don't think that was the point... used to be a writer until the world lost its attention span... figured out it was a waste of time to spellel anything correctly punctuate capitalize or otherwise write well in this new age of five second attention spans... still can't bring myself to use "u" as a word yet but give me time

Comment Re:Build one (Score 1) 325

Interestingly enough modern intel shouldn't fry without a heat sink, not that I've actually tested it.

I can confirm that. My last box was a Core2 Duo, and one day it powered down out of the clear blue sky. It would boot and run briefly, but before long at all, blink!

down it would go.

It turned out that the little plastic feet holding the CPU cooler on had been going one by one, and it reached this condition when three of them had failed. I found the cooler hanging on by one foot, making very slight contact with the CPU.

A new cooler, and I could be running that box to this day. I used it as an excuse to upgrade anyway. Who wouldn't.

Comment STEM problem solved (Score 4, Funny) 90

Hack the dolls to say, "Why are you playing with a doll instead of learning calculus?" Then have the dolls teach little girls calculus. Instantly the STEM fields will be bristling with billions of eager girls who love to dress calculus in pretty pink clothes, and take it to the mall.

Calculus will become a bigger hit than Miley Cyrus having a wardrobe malfunction.

Comment Re: Sadly.. (Score 1) 352

This is a clear case of irritatingly pedantic developer vs. user who just wants to do something. I've been on both sides of the coin, and it isn't always easy to see a clear way forward. I feel they got it wrong in this case.

Comment Re:Blinders Much (Score 1) 103

Cell phone cameras just show that you can have lots of Pixels, and the photos can still suck. People will have to argue with the laws of physics about that one.

What really surprises me is that I've managed some really decent photos with my phone with some work and creativity. The camera couldn't have less going for it in terms of optics, sensor size, etc., and I find it amazing that I can produce anything even approaching decent with it. A real camera is it not, but still, those things have come a very long way.

Comment Re:OS/2 was great (Score 1) 262

"FOSS *nix" games were doomed to a small niche before WINE, and they were doomed to a small niche before Steam. Much of what drove WINE was people who wanted to play games, because it was the one thing you just couldn't do on Linux. I never thought about Steam being responsible for the fact that there is an increasing amount of proprietary, commercial software available for Linux now, but it probably is.

I stopped playing games when I switched to Linux, because the native offerings were all half finished and most of them just sucked. I went 15 years without playing a game, because the Intel video drivers just work, and the proprietary drivers are a horrible pain in the ass. I thought it was a fair trade.

I finally bought a new NVIDIA card, waded through a day of hell to get it working, and I could finally buy stuff through Steam that would run. Holy shit, games have come a LONG way in 15 years! As a guy who has run a FOSS project for 10 or so years, I can say there is no way in hell I would ever recruit that much talent and get that much work done on a volunteer basis. There is no way in hell. People willing to volunteer usually aren't that talented, and then there are the personalities. If I tried to get one of these games written with a volunteer team, it would end up forked at least six times, and everybody would wrestle and argue and yell at each other, and 10 years after the project's inception, it would still be little more than a proof of concept demo.

On the other side of that coin, Steam's existence probably explains why I am able to buy and run so much commercial software for Linux now. The FOSS community had 15 years to get this stuff done, and it doesn't exist. I enjoy having the option to stay on Linux, take a crowbar to my wallet occasionally, and get work done.

Comment Re:Ubuntu Core has no place on the Raspberry (Score 1) 59

We never got far enough to deal with apt. Just as we were getting into the home stretch with our app, the Maemo universe exploded into chaos. Harmattan? MeeGo? Where is this going? We decided to wait and see, and it's just as well we did. That code wasn't going anywhere unless we rewrote both the frontend and the backend from scratch.

That's what I meant by the whole ecosystem not working for paid apps. Maybe if we had made a desperate sprint to try to cash in on a sinking ship at the last minute.

Comment Re:Math.... (Score 1) 616

If you think you are bad at math but programming comes easy, you might find that you weren't actually bad at math.

I am very bad at classroom math, but reasonably effective at using math in code to solve actual, tangible problems. User touches here and here at nearly the same time, and I need to figure which touch came first, and what the angle is between the two points... I got there once, and I can't even tell you exactly how I figured it out. Calculus was involved somewhere, I think. Maybe? I don't know how I do it, I just get the problems solved. Usually.

Comment So, here's how it worked (Score 4, Informative) 311

So, about three years ago I was miserable in my marriage. All my close friends advised me to leave my wife, but none of them could offer me a place to crash until I could get on my own feet. I was in an acute emotional crisis that needed an immediate remedy, and my only choice was to find a way to suck it up and work through the pain and deal with it. No woman has to go through this. If a woman is having an acute emotional crisis due to a bad marriage, the world opens its doors to her. Their friends will take them in, they have shelters, they have all kinds of free community resources. Men have precisely dick for options. If your parents are dead, you're fucked, and oh well. No one cares. Deal with it.

So while I was sucking it up and trying to pull together enough money to establish a new household from scratch, I decided to try making my interim time less miserable by having an affair. Millions of men do it every year. Why hell, there are even ads everywhere encouraging it! "Life is short! Have an affair!" That was how I came to know Ashley Madison.

I created a profile there, and it wasn't long before I got a message from a girl. She lived really far away, and nothing in her profile indicated she was in any way looking for me. I tried to open it anyway, and in order to do so, I had to go purchase credits. I intended to make the smallest possible purchase, which was something like $60, but somewhere between clicking on the "economy package" and clicking on the "I approve" button, they got me turned around, and when the invoice appeared, I had just spent something on the order of $370! I never have figured out how they pulled that off, but I'm sure if I could go back and look at the fine print, they had their asses covered.

The "girl" messaged me again, and that was when I figured out I had spent $370 to talk to a fucking bot. All the "girls" on there were bots, except the one human who did contact me. By that point, I had given up on meeting anyone through the site, but I still had like 900 credits left, so I kept the account open with a blank profile. The real chick who messaged me sent a bunch of free amateur porn to a blank profile with no personal info and no picture. She was looking for ANYBODY in the area desperate enough to have sex with her, and it was immediately obvious why she was so desperate. I have a buddy whose standard in a sex partner is that it has to be a living mammal, so I hooked them up. She got laid, and I, having learned my lesson, deleted my account and dumped the remaining credits in the trash. They were worthless anyway.

Comment Re:Ubuntu Core has no place on the Raspberry (Score 1) 59

I guess it depends on how you define "work" in this context. Seeing the words "Maemo" and "Fremantle" and "N900" and "Ovi" still makes my blood boil. We wasted a lot of time and money betting on a horse with no legs. It was a damn fine app that was a pleasure to develop too, which is the hell of it. That stuff was great, but commercially successful? Not on your life!

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