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Comment Re:Except... (Score 1) 339

Except that it's lots of lightyears away which means it would have been lots of years ago which means....OMG THEY'RE ON THEIR WAY HERE, RUN!

My first thought was Run? Where to? However it occurred to me that if we're observing them 1500 years ago we still maybe have plenty of time to find somewhere to hide. If they are travelling at 0.5 light speed they are still 750 years away, they are probably only coming around to borrow a cup of sugar in any case.

Comment Re:Oh dear god..... (Score 1) 339

I'm not an physicist but it seems like building an object to trap the entirety of the energy escaping a star would significantly change the position of the Goldilocks zone.

Interesting point, could be a double whammy, you could build a partial sphere and then terraform Venus, getting lots of power and a new planet to fuck up at the same time.

Comment Re:This is probably the future. (Score 1) 474

Good points, but there then has to be a fourth option, something that hasn't been considered yet. With the prevalence of adblockers now online publications are going to have to come up with something. Whether that is sites managing there own ads and making them static and tasteful as has been suggested(after all noone gets cross at ads in the printed press) ,in other threads or something else, there has to be another solution that works for everyone.

Comment Re:Units? (Score 1) 70

250 km of seabed, with 50 miles between islands...i suppose consistency of units would be a lot to ask for...

The Brits are confused about units. They can't decide whether to use SI, Imperial, or Ancient Hebrew measurements. Just be thankful they didn't measure the distance in palms or spans.

Agree, submitter is inconsistent with units, mixing them in the same sentence is pretty lax. As for confused, I'm not so sure. In everyday life we seem to be able to mix and match units fairly easily, weight is stones and pounds by default, height is in feet and inches, yet somehow I know my metric measures too. None of it really matters as long as we consistantly use metric for science and engineering.

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