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Comment This is bad! (Score 1) 597

I am having a hard time with the fact people can't see this for what it really is. This is a pyramid scheme. Any given college graduate is going to need funding from many other workers (drag on economy). If they really want to make getting a degree cheap they need to provide a way for students to test out as proof that they have the knowledge. Of course any type of testing system also creates it's own inherent problems. Either way - going to college is a scam where a majority of students are just passed through with no real challenge or usable knowledge.

Comment Re:Makes sense (Score 1) 414

Ha. Yup... and anyone else who doesn't like clunky. Linux is cultish along the lines of Apple PC's. Sure, they are OK, maybe good. The bottom line is that they just don't measure up. It's funny how many people here are so anti-MS. Meanwhile people like me are just choosing the best tools for the job and scooting along without Linux and all the headaches that come with it. Don't get me wrong. I've tried to love Linux and whatever it stands for (I equate it to liberalism for some weird reason). The problem is that Windows gives you that sweet love that for some reason Linux nerds loathe. You spiting your face to be different and rebellious... ha.. Liking Linux is like being a hipster and rocking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer because it's different and cool... However it sucks and sweet nectar exists in the same isle at the store. Maybe your a genius like self proclaimed genius Kanye West.. who btw sucks.. I take my bad karma in place as a badge of honor considering the judges...

Comment Re:MS has already done this... (Score 1) 414

The MS is doing makes the hardware running it less important. Evolving to write once run on Windows 8... Phone/Desktop/ARM.. To this point settling on a hardware architecture in the future is also possible. It's more than just a shared kernel, the development API's allow you to be hardware agnostic while developing as well as infrastructure in place that allows app to app communication and data sharing. Sounds like Java.. lol .. which I'm not a fan.. Start menu is back in 8.1 so the cries have not been ignored.

Comment Re:MS has already done this... (Score 2) 414

I'm on Windows 8 and I'll never go back to 7 without a fight. After about a few hours of figuring things out I could navigate the OS and get to where I needed to be as fast or faster than on 7. Backup? -- I work in VM's because Windows 8 Pro has Hyper-V. Probably simply the best advancement for a developer. Before we go all Virtual Box crazy... Hyper-V is built-in and functions much better..

Comment Bitterness.... (Score 0, Insightful) 196

Windows 8 is the best OS on the market today. Sure, it's a little different - so we evolve a little. I've bees using it full time for months with no issues and wouldn't consider going back to 7 ever. Funny, the same people that mock Visual Studio for how much it helps you are crying for their start menu crutch. Hit the window key and type what you are looking for, it doesn't get any easier than that... Nokia's share price has gone up over 50% since Elop took the helm.. Talk about poor performance.. the Lumia phones are solid and most of you zealots here probably want one but are so entrenched in your MS hatred you would end up looking like fool.. Ceremonious Rib Jab: Android is clunky -- Linux has always been clunky and far from smooth - My college profs pounded us with Linux/Solaris and anti-MS banter, I'm so glad I didn't fall for it....

Comment Lumia 920, better than iPhone 5 and GIII ... easy (Score 0) 317

The incest thought process on these boards has me worried that bright people are forgetting how to think for themselves. Like it or not the Lumia 920 is in the top 3 if not the number 1 phone currently.. yeah blah blah it's not released.... Win8 makes Android and iOS look like 80's hair bands... of course I imagine that's where a lot of slashdotters still live in their minds... I had Ubuntu on a netbook .. thought it might run well since it's "light weight" -- wrong.. put Win8 on it and it runs like butter, better than Win7 and Ubuntu - People it's not hard -- hit the Window Key and type ... duh I for one am getting the Lumia 920.

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