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Was .NET All a Mistake? 688

mikejuk writes "The recent unsettling behavior at Microsoft concerning .NET makes it a good time to re-evaluate what the technology is all about. It may have been good technology, but with the systems guys building Windows preferring to stick with C++, the outcome was inevitable. Because they failed to support its way of doing things, .NET has always been a second-class Windows citizen unable to make direct use of the Windows APIs — especially the latest. .NET started out as Microsoft's best challenge to Java but now you have to ask: what has the excursion into managed code brought the Microsoft programmer, and indeed what good has it done Microsoft? From where we are now, it begins to look very much like an unnecessary forced detour, and Windows programmers are going to be living with the mess for years to come."

Comment Here we go again (Score 0, Troll) 443

Oh no Microsoft is out to get us all... blah blah bla anyone who looks at Microsoft or .NET is evil blah blah blah... these are the people who are the Rush Limbaugh of the software world. Next thing you know we'll be hearing about Linux death squads. Mono is here and it is not going to go away no matter how hard you complain, I can prove my point by showing that Ubuntu while not my personal favorite OS is continueing to use Mono and has no plans to stop. If you don't want to use Mono that's fine no problem, but please don't use Mono quietly there are software developers trying to work.

Submission + - File sharing is illegal, but what about lending?

An anonymous reader writes: We all know that making copyrighted material available for download is illegal in most countries. But suppose I wrote an application that would make it possible for me (and others) to *lend* (legally acquired) media files to other people. Every file would only be usable by one person at a time (including the original owner), making the whole thing effectively equivalent to handing over the physical media. Do you think that would still be illegal, and if so, why?

Comment Re:Some questions (Score 2, Interesting) 121

RPM it sounds like you want to build every little piece of it which may be in the future but if you don't like Suse (-uses RPM) then you probably won't like their studio. I have found it to be an interesting idea, I have been trying it out and I have my fingers crossed that it will be a huge success. Let's be honest here, we all want our own custom distro this is not perfect nor is it for everyone but it is an interesting step.

Comment Re:Richard Stallman? (Score 1) 546

And that is the point. He seems so eager to criticize everyone else but his OS doesn't even work. Don't get me wrong I respect all that he has done and what he is trying to do for the most part. But going round declaring this and that as evil is hardly news when your own OS doesn't work. I feel he forgets that people who program for money are not evil, they are ordinary programmers who love what hey do. Not Satan.

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