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Submission + - Nebraska college to offer creation science class

An anonymous reader writes: Jim Garretson, a science instructor at McCook Community College in Nebraska, plans to offer a course on creation science this fall. The course, 'Physics 2990: Creation Science', will cover such burning issues as "The Garden of Eden and life on earth before the flood and the major changes which have taken place since that time", and "The flood, ice ages, mountain formation, coal and oil formation, and the Grand Canyon".

Will the college's chemistry department offer a course on alchemy? Will the health sciences department explore faith healing and the four humours? Stay tuned!

Submission + - OpenOffice 2.2 Released

xsspd2004 writes: "

The Community on March 29 announced the release of a major upgrade to OpenOffice: version 2.2. The group claims that with upgrades to its word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and database software, the free office suite provides a real alternative to Microsoft's recently-released Office 2007 product."

Tech Toys Dominate Toy Fair 2007 48

Edis Krad writes "An CNN Money article previews the Hot Toys for 2007 from this past week's Toy Fair. The article is a great place to start looking through the hundreds of new products that were on display at the annual industry event. Among those featured in the article, I was particularly impressed with the Video Journal (blogging for kids?), the virtual bicycle (apparently, riding a real bicycle isn't cool enough anymore), and last but not least, the robotic parrot, that oddly reminds me of the replicant owl in Blade Runner. For more details on tech toys at the event, IEEE Spectrum has a rundown on the nerdier toys available. Artificial snow and a pre-assembled Mentos/Coke kit were two of that journalist's favorites. For different perspectives Forbes has a look at the toy business as it stands since last week, and Wired's Luddite column crabs that kids have too many techie toys nowadays. Dagnabit."

Submission + - New bill that will curb outrageous cell phone tax

ziggz writes: "If you have a cell phone, then you are probably aware that you are paying much more each month than the calling plan you signed up for. Why? Greedy Uncle Sam is hitting you up with double digit taxes. Everyone is required to pay a 6.05% federal tax plus all kinds of various trumped up state taxes. Baltimore, for example, simply decided to add a $3.50 additional tax to their residents' bills in 2005. A USA today article breaks down the total taxes you are paying by state, most averaging 15% or more. States have gotten so ridiculous in hiding taxes on your cell phone bill that Congress has finally stepped up by introducing the Cell Phone Tax Freedom Act of 2007. You can also have emails sent to your congressmen."

MPAA Violates Another Software License 297

Patrick Robib, a blogger who wrote his own blogging engine called Forest Blog recently noticed that none other than the MPAA was using his work, and had completely violated his linkware license by removing all links back to the Forest Blog site, not crediting him in any way. The MPAA blog was using the Forest Blog software, but had completely stripped off his name, and links back to his site. He only found about it accidentally when he happened to visit the MPAA site.

Submission + - The Role of Religion on Technology

Anonymous Coward writes: "Many types of media have been credited with being an influential force driving technology (such as porn), but is it possible that the next revolution in technology and software might come from an unlikely source, namely Religion? This appears to be a relatively untapped market, but as the article points out, the real progress might be how Religions themselves define the role of technology within the life of a Christian, which will in turn, make or break this potential "revolution"."

Submission + - EverQuest II embeds Mozilla browser

An anonymous reader writes: EverQuest II's next release will include an embedding of the Mozilla browser. It's currently live on the test server and has a few issues that will hopefully be resolved before release. art=15&topic_id=347230

Some interesting uses of the browser such as automatically searching for quest hints are being discussed on the interface board: t=7846

Submission + - Microsoft Wants Patent on Indentation

theodp writes: "Throw some text in a worksheet, make the columns small, and color the cells to denote a hierarchy. Like this. That, my friend, may constitute patent infringement for the next twenty years if the USPTO grants Microsoft the patent it's seeking for Minimizing Indenting (actual patent image). Just one more example of how Microsoft's lawyers are making the world a better place through more joyful and inclusive design."

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