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Submission + - Building a better spam trap (

SpiritGod21 writes: "Steven T. Kirsch, the developer of the optical mouse, has been thinking about the spam problem for a number of years. After filing several patents covering other approaches, Mr. Kirsch hit on the idea underlying his latest invention, Abaca, quite by accident.

The approach underlying the Abaca technique is the recognition that the ratio of spam to legitimate e-mail is individually unique. It is also a singular identifier that a spammer cannot manipulate easily. By assessing the combined reputations of the recipients of any individual message, the Abaca system determines the "spaminess" of a particular message. Mr. Kirsch asserts this provides a high degree of accuracy in deciding whether the message is spam."


Submission + - Firefox 2.0 contains 'highly critical' security fl (

SpiritGod21 writes: Ruben Francia at posted this morning that "users of Firefox 2.0 and above are being warned of a "highly critical" security glitch that could allow a hacker to execute arbitrary commands and take control of their computer.

"The problem is that Firefox registers the 'firefoxurl://' URI handler and allows firefox to invike arbitrary command line arguments. Using the '-chrome' parameter it is possible to execute arbitrary Javascript in chrome context," security research firm Secunia noted on its Web site.


Submission + - When Windows Breaks

SpiritGod21 writes: "Computer World recently posted a story about the automatic updates bug in Microsoft Windows causing systems to lock up. In the labs I administrate, I simply disabled automatic updates and am updating the image manually, then pushing that image to the lab. How do others deal with Windows-centered workplaces when Windows breaks?"

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