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Comment Re:Get a refill.. (Score 1) 1141

the double big gulps are the best value and the cups are great for stuff at home. it's surprisingly easy to suck down 64 ounces of soda on a hot summer day.

I don't drink them like that anymore but i have in the past. i just don't want to end up with diabeetus and diet drinks are gross.

Comment Re:This baby is s-l-o-w !! (Score 2) 119

after looking at all the other charts for a single card it is indeed the fastest. interesting that for skyrim the crossfire places almost bottom and even blow the non crossfire solution.

for the compute section likely this is an architectural difference and demonstrating the same calculations that make AMD rock bitcoin mining too.

Comment Cost per Hour (Score 1) 435

They will stay fine. just look at other forms of entertainment

the MPAA charges $5 - $8 an hour depending on 2d vs 3d your area . DVDs/Blueray are more expensive but offer more features to technically the content is about the same price point

The RIAA charges $20 an hour for a .99 cent single and $8-9 an hour for a CD.

at those rates a $60 game should net you 8-12 hours at movie rates and 3-8 hours at music rates.

getting 40 hours puts your per hour cost at $1.50

Comment Re:Legal Threats (Score 4, Insightful) 407

settling is what normal people do. The RIAA and the MPAA have people whose 8-5 job it is to rake you over the coals of the legal system. even if you win it will drain you emotionally, physically and financially to fight.

he could loose is job to to absence and poor performance, his family due to stress. then there's the legal bill. likely it would cost nearly as much to fight so why wait?

our current system favors the wealthy and large companies and corporations . your average man must sacrifice their lives to get any justice.

Comment When can i buy my thinking hat (tm)? (Score 2) 124

Read that article the other day, very interesting it will be cool when they pinpoint these areas more specifically and make a hat that can tune your abilities. i have read similar articles using electricity to shut down parts of the brain and people suddenly gain increased artistic abilities or math skills etc.

i imagine that soon we could potentially have a consumer grade device that would help stimulate the parts of your brain to help with the task at hand or temporarily shut down the parts that would hinder.

thought hat leaves the question about school work etc/ could you force employees to use it to make them better. could people who can afford one be getting an unfair advantage academically?

Comment Agile Military? (Score 0) 428

At some point it would seem the complexity of our military hardware is a hindrance more than a help. what if it had been a bullet instead of a mistake? the plane is operable but takes $25 million in repairs and likely weeks (months?) to do so. or what if you need to maintain these at less then optimal conditions. your mechanics are slammed and it needs to get back in the air. should such a small thing permanently ground your aircraft?

things like this make me think that if we were in a real prolonged WW3 type theater that our overly sophisticated military would begin to fail under pressures of less than optimal conditions.

Comment Innovative enough? (Score 1) 111

The wii was a success due to the innovative new controls and a comparatively low pricepoint. admittedly the wii can be a lot of fun. firing up wii sports with people who would never normally touch a game (my dad and others) was great. and there are some good games out there.

however that time is over. looking at gamespot wii has had almost no good 3rd party games out in a while. i haven't bought a new one in ages. and Skyward sword while an ok Zelda game hit me hard because i played skyrim at the same time and i realized how weak the wii was in a hardware sense. even going for the artistic semi cel shaded style Zelda:SS has mediocre graphics and some abysmal interface shortcomings (selling insects was such a ridiculously cumbersome task it wasn't even worth trying). all i could do was wonder was how beautiful SS could have been with the power of a modern PC.

the problem i see with the wii-u will be hardware limitations. i wonder if it will even match the existing 360 or PS3 for graphics. if it doesn't it will be crushed when PS4 and 720 get released and all the AAA titles skip over it again. as for the handheld gimmick they have tried pushing since the GCN/GBA days and i don't se it ever being that relevant in singleplayer and too limiting in multiplayer.

Comment doesn't matter (Score 1) 185

mostly moot. true they have have a legitimate model and people using the site for legitimate purposes if they come under suspicion or attack like megaupload the site gets shut down first. at which point if I'm a user or a business i must find another place to host and even if they come back as innocent and the page brought back up my trust in them is gone.

the irony of the situation being if they come out of the legal system as legit their reputation and up-time is tarnished thus ruining their legitimate business and probably need to rely on piracy ad leeching. if they weren't legit but lawyered up and won their case then it's still business as usual since pirates don't care about that stuff.

Comment Re:Let's hope he gets extradited, he'll be better (Score 1) 1047

Plausible deny-ability has protects people of greater crimes than your average court case. in America the intent is only to reach reasonable doubt which is much easier to do without any actual evidence of wrongdoing no mater how suspicious the circumstantial evidence looks.

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