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Input Devices

Is It Time To End Our Love Affair With the QWERTY Keyboard? 557

Master Moose writes "Brisbane-based entrepreneur John Lambie currently has in beta an alternative to what he calls the 'dysfunctional' QWERTY keyboard. Given the way the world is abandoning their keyboards for smartphones he sees now as the perfect time to introduce a new layout. He calls his new keyboard Dextr and believes it is the natural progression from using a number pad to enter text — This is especially so in developing countries where users have not grown up with QWERTYs on thier phones. While he is not the first to ever propose an alternate or alphabetical keyboard — Are we locked into QWERTY for familiarity's sake, or as we shift to smaller, more mobile and new devices, is Mr. Lambie's project coming at the right time?"

Comment A great question (Score 3, Insightful) 683

I would suspect if all that happened here is that the expected model was confirmed, that lots of research under the premise of the expected model being accurate would have already occurred/be taking place currently. I would think confirmation might just make it easier to get funding to do more. That said, I was itching to burn my mod points on anybody who responded with a non-joke answer. Ah well.

Comment Re:The argument is stupid ... (Score 1) 319

people don't buy or use the crappiest code when given a choice.

People won't sign up to knowingly buy the crappiest code, but unless they are capable of measuring the quality of code, they will hire the cheapest developers, and be blissfully(?) ignorant. ( I assume most management is blissfully ignorant ) It seems to me that most companies think developers are interchangeable and of equivalent quality and capability. With that mindset, why wouldn't you simply hire the cheapest option.

Comment Re:If Cyanogen releases a stable build... (Score 1) 117

I wasn't planning on purchasing a tablet of any flavor until this opportunity presented itself. Like a lot of others my first thought was buy it now and wait for an Android port. However, I'm really enjoying WebOS so far. Its a much more enjoyable experience than Android 2.2 on my (relatively old) Motorolla Droid. I may still install Android 3+ at some point in the future, but it would take convincing now, rather than seeming like the obvious thing to do.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 614

It's hard to believe they couldn't have raised taxes to cover the difference. There have to be enough tax payers that have to pay for child care on one day a week now.. w/ how expensive child care is that money alone would have easily covered any extra taxes..

Comment Re:Might make it worse? (Score 1) 198

This seems like it would make for an interesting way to collect data from outside the reach of our instrumentation. Fire some information gathering tools up and latch onto an asteroid that will take a path that should return to earth after making an interesting voyage far away. When it returns, beam back all of the information it's collected over its trip. Guarantee funding for your project until the asteroid returns :)

Comment Reality Movies (Score 1) 339

So-called reality programming has taken over television, presumably due to the low cost of production, and the low standards required by viewers.
It seems like the studios will come up with a way of pumping out low production value reality content with a rapid release schedule.
Lower cost of production, more releases, more profit.

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