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Submission + - 28,882 Emails From Hillary Clinton's Private Server available online (

Okian Warrior writes: [Note: This information is 10 hours old as I type. If Slashdot wants to post this, perhaps with an appropriate warning, they could potentially scoop all of the the MSM and Breitbart/Drudge for this news item.]

The twitter group PunishmentPosse appears to have released 28882 E-mails from Clinton's private server, available from as either a torrent or direct link.

The files appear to be 28882 PDF files, each of which appears to be state department E-mails to Hillary from 2012 to 2016. Some E-mail addresses have been redacted, and occasionally an entire page has been blanked out. Everything seems legitimate at first glance and to my untrained eye.

Note that this is not a wikileaks drop, and the data might not be authentic.

KimDotcom has previously hinted that Clinton's E-mails might be released on Hillary's birthday (October 26th). He has not claimed responsibility, but has recently made a few cryptic tweets today.

(Kim Dotcom may have an axe to grind, because Hillary Clinton signed his US extradition order)

Submission + - Movie Chain Drops 'The Interview' After Threats of Violence writes: In the latest episode of the Sony hack, Hollywood Reporter says that Carmike Cinemas, which operates 278 theaters and 2,917 screens in 41 states, will not show the Sony comedy "The Interview" following threats of violence from hackers. Sony Pictures told exhibitors who had booked The Interview that it planned to move forward with the movie's release, but that they were free to decide not to show the film, and that the studio would support them in whatever decision they made. Citing 9/11, the hackers issued a warning and said, "We will clearly show it to you at the very time and places The Interview be shown, including the premiere, how bitter fate those who seek fun in terror should be doomed to." The situation is also raising concerns among studios that the threat of violence could keep some moviegoers away from the multiplex over the lucrative holiday moviegoing period. "This is bad for everyone. This will stop people from going to theaters, and that affects all of us," says one source at a rival studio. "If somebody called a bomb threat for a concert, and it was credible, you'd have to cancel or postpone the concert."

Submission + - Cyber Gang Steals 1.2 Billion Web Credentials (

dinscott writes: A Russia-based cyber criminal group has managed to accumulate 1.2 billion unique online login credentials by compromising databases of over hundreds of thousands websites and FTP locations. The entire collection is even bigger — 4.5 billion compromised records — but many of them overlapped. Nevertheless, this is considered to be the biggest haul of login credentials ever made by criminals. "4.5 billion credentials seems like an impossible number, but just think of how many sites require you to register your e-mail address and, let’s face it, almost everyone re-uses their passwords," researchers from Wisconsin-based Hold Security pointed out.

Comment Re:Real life is complicated (Score -1) 511

I never understood how someone could get addicted so easily. Then I was in an accident at work, and had two shots of Demerol in the E.R. This did not do much for the pain, it was still there. The Demerol just made me not care about the pain, and it was a very great feeling. This was about 14 years ago, and I still think about how wonderful that feeling was. I now understand how someone who has an weakness can become hooked on that feeling. Hmmmm, sounds like a song.....................

Submission + - Hackers Offered Reward to Crack iPhone 5s Fingerprint Security ( 1

DavidGilbert99 writes: A couple of security researchers have set up a crowd-funded website to offer a reward to the first person who can "reliably and repeatedly break into an iPhone 5s by lifting prints.” The IsTouchIDHackedYet website shows 40 people offering everything from cash to Bitcoins, whiskey, wine and even a "dirty sex book" to the successful hacker. With the iPhone 5s launching tomorrow, there will be a lot of interest in whether or not the hackers can successfully crack Apple's Touch ID system.

Comment MUSIC (Score -1) 299

Finally master that guitar or other musical instrument that you have only picked up evry once in a while. Get outside, hunt, fish, sit under a tree and just let your mind wander.................. Do what you have not had time to do, but always wanted to. Only read /. when you have a few minutes of downtime while on the clock from now on.

Narrowing Down When Humans Began Hurling Spears 208

sciencehabit writes "Archaeologists have long debated when early humans began hurling stone-tipped spears and darts at large prey. By throwing a spear, instead of thrusting it, humans could hunt buffalo and other dangerous game from a safe distance, with less risk of a goring or mauling. But direct evidence of this hunting technique in early sites has been lacking. A new study of impact marks on the bones of ancient prey shows that such sophisticated killing techniques go back at least 90,000 years ago in Africa and offers a new method of determining how prehistoric hunters made their kills."

Comment Re:Well... (Score -1) 1063

Well, I can tell you, I do not need a rifle with a high capacity magazine to hunt and kill a deer. I need high capacity magazines to protect myself from a tyrannical government. BTW, in my state of Missouri, I am already limited to hunting deer with no more than 5 rounds allowed in my firearm when hunting. -Speed

Comment Re:Why the lower receiver? (Score -1) 528

I don't know much about gun technology, so maybe somebody can explain why the lower receiver is the controlled part. Why not the barrel? It seems to me that the barrel is the heart and soul of a gun. You can make a gun with just a barrel and nothing else: it's called a cannon.

Furthermore, I would think the barrel would be the hardest part to manufacture, given the forces and temperatures it must endure, and having to be perfectly straight, and rifled. I would imagine that 3-D printed barrels are probably a long, long way off.

3-D printed receivers are already here, and only going to get better and cheaper. If they don't change the regulatory framework to start controlling the rest of the parts, then soon anyone that wants to will be able to make a gun at home and all the gun control laws in the world will just be so much pissing in the wind.

The lower reciever is the part that is seralized and tracked. -Speed

Comment Re:My first computer (Score -1) 212

The Timex Sinclair 1000 with 16k of RAM was also my first computer. It was the first and only item my family ever purchased off of one of those shopping channels on our new cable TV service. I think the price without the ram pack was $99.00. I was in 7th grade, and begged my parents to get me one. I am so glad that they did!

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