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Submission + - Any Tips for Home Wi-FI RFI Detection/Elimination? (thinkgeek.com) 6

SpeedStreet writes: "Recently my family moved into a new house in Minnesota which has me tilting at windmills. I set up a 802.11n network which constant has problem with signal strength and maintaining connection.

I've tried relocation, channel switching, different manufacturers of units, and nothing seems to be working. I even went purchased a WiPry from ThinkGeek which would be awesome if I understood anything going on with it. I just know that if you get anywhere near the fridge or near the outlet dimmers, the thing freaks out.

What have you all done? When the tech elite set up their home networks, how are you optimizing your signals to make sure you are getting the cleanest possible signal as much as possible?"

Submission + - Educating Non-Techies on Database Practices?

SpeedStreet writes: My company has several folks I would like to introduce to the finer points of relational databases and how to properly structure data. At most, one of them has experience writing reports in Crystal Reports.

I'm wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to some really basic classes or other resources I could share with them.

Comment Thank You (Score 1) 495

I'm glad to see Apple finally take a risk on something that isn't their baby and adopt LightPeak before it goes mainstream. Hopefully they'll help usher in a new high bandwidth standard so that I can finally run multiple monitors on a laptop and not suffere degradation.

As for the Mac Tax on the MBPs, I agree its high but at the same time until someone can come out with a trackpad that can compete on a platform that doesn't look childish, and battery life that is abysmal, Apple sort of has the market cornered at the high end.

Comment I love Apple Bloggers (Score 1) 368

Apple seems to have the best market research available to them:

In Year 0, some blogger will make up a completely false story citing "sources within Apple" that may or may not exist. The story is complete bullshit but fanbois go absolutely bonkers at the mere thought of something as innocuous as a front facing camera on their phones for video chat.

Year 1 rolls around, and Apple is releasing the same product again and now more bloggers make up stories about "Feature X" being the "One More Thing" Cancer Man will unveil. Hype reaches a crescendo as dozens of conflicting photoshop renditions are made, most of them using blurry camera phone pics that couldn't clearly come from the superior cameras built into Apple products!

Year 2 Apple finally adds the feature that other products have had now for some time. Cue the Apple orgasm.

Now that being said, they still make the prettiest laptops and trackpads :)

Comment I want to FEEL (Score 1) 126

I personally look to horror games because I believe its the easiest tone to set in a first person experience. Game companies have overdone it with their attempts to humanize warfare by making every game 'raise the stakes' by plagarizing Saving Pvt. Ryan.

The problem is that game developers have a really tough time establishing any sort of narrative that engages the player. They are too swept up in the "bigger, badder, shader" game that for the most part, games eschew good writing for immersive environments.

The issue will not be resolved until you have award winning writers writing non-linear scripts to be developed into games. Until then, we're dependent on boogeymen jumping out of the shadows to make us pee our pants for entertainment.

Comment BLOGMYGOD (Score 5, Informative) 778

Yet another incendiary post on a site that generates revenue by number of browser clicks. I'll skip TFA, thanks. Ubuntu seems to be doing just fine. They are generating attention with their new UI, the Ubuntu Server release is one of the best out there, and there doesn't seem to be a lot of reasons for people to 'hate' on it since it benefits upstream as well as down. Who's letting this trash get to the default RSS?

Comment Re:WAT is Voluntary and Doesn't Impact OS Usage (Score 1) 819

1. Voluntary patch => Until its included in a rollup such as SP1. 2. Reduced Functionality => Maybe, but it can amount to reduced productivity when I have to take time out of my day to fix the issue. 3. Microsoft Annoying Me => If I am provided the option to click a button that says "Make sure my computer is genuine" then that should be enough. I don't need a company telling me what is best for me. 4. Pirated Copies with Malicious Code => Blatant FUD. There has never been any data to support this and it comes from the same fear-mongering that tells us open source is dangerous because everyone has access to the code. 5. No Personal Information => You are using my bandwidth and my CPU cycles to maintain your own company's livelihood. Nor does using your software mean I should have to deliver any sort of anonymous statistics to you. 6. WSUS => So its ok to trust corporations but when it comes to the rights of the individual, we're SOL? I'm actually a Microsoft fan, but WGA and WAT have been rubbing me the wrong way for years. Had I not had "access" to Microsoft software in college to learn on, I wouldn't be in a position like I am today where I am responsible for a multi-million dollar IT budget that allows me to purchase Microsoft products. Piracy is absolutely a necessary evil.

Comment Keytronic Designer Keyboard (Score 1) 713

I honestly cannot recommend the Keytronic Design Keyboard enough.

The keyboard has a definitive "clack" that is not quite as resistant as the M, but its a lot better than other off the shelf keyboards. It also has a slight curve to it that makes it fantastic for those of us that spend hours a day typing.

IANAKOEE (I am not a keyboard or ergonomics expert), but I have owned the M, a Unicomp customizer, a few Saiteks, a Logitech G15 and countless others. I can say without a doubt that for I would hurt a small kitten if Keytronic decided to stop making them.

I love it so much that I actually sent back a Customizer because its simply not as good. Now excuse me while I /afk to go do disgusting and possibly illegal things to my keyboard.

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