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Comment Re:What is sad here (Score -1) 652

I do security...... With the security in place today the latter is still quite possible; but again the reason it has not happened is because the terrorists that have tried it were ineffective, not because the TSA was effective.

TSA is infighting on rights, enabling and engaging in theft, costing billions, and adding no real value.

Nice to have some input from someone who actually work in security, thanks a lot for your interesting input.

I agree that a lot of it could be improved, and not all the hassle is needed, but that's why we have such a discussion in order to see if something else could be done, maybe even improve it further, and lessen the hassle for the commuters.

But sometimes I feel that a lot of people put their tinfoil hats on, more so - here at Slashdot, where I often expect a serious debate about things rather than troll/flamewar triggers (I seriously have NO idea what these people get out of it). Lets hope more of your kind contributes to the discussion.

Comment Re:What is sad here (Score -1, Troll) 652

What about the kid who died in the wheel well of the jet airplane? If he could get in there then anyone could.

And what exactly has that got to do with the subject we're discussing?

To the moderators: It would be nice if you actually READ the threads you are moderating, rather than blindly press "interesting,troll,etc"...

Comment Re:What is sad here (Score 0) 652

But how about we install surveillance cameras in everyone's homes? It's for your own safety and could stop a few crimes, so it's all worth it. Rights mean nothing at all.

Installing a security camera in your own home - your own paid for property - is an entirely different case than airport security where everyone has access, including would-be terrorists.

Im not a big fan of big-brother survellance either, but I kind of hoped that was implied, and people would focus on the discussion itself, rather than mix it with other areas that doesnt even relate.

Comment What is sad here (Score -1, Troll) 652

is that the woman doesn't understand they're doing this for her and other peoples safety.

Obviously we who dont carry weapons or explosives around with us know that we are clean and free, but no one else knows this, that's why these things are needed. I would personally prefer this "humiliation" to losing one of my family members because one woman would rather be free from the pat-downs/security scanning etc.

When was the last time you heard of an airplane hijack after we pumped up security? Uncomfortable, yes. Bothersome - heck yeah. But we live.

Comment Tyler exists already (Score 1) 101

...but under a different name.

You can hook up to it from a tor node, it's easy to find if you really want to see it. It has tons of information on just about anything, it's something of a nightmare as it has way too much info, and the search facilities sucks, but it is really endless. After reading stuff in there, I'm not surprised about anything anymore, sadly...don't go there if you like it where you are now. I wouldn't return there. Sometimes life IS better IN the matrix.

Comment A life without Teletext? (Text-TV) (Score 1) 160

I can't imagine it.

Teletext has ONE big advantage over just about everything, including internet:

- It's uncluttered news and info.

Missed the news on TV when you come home? Press Teletext - and you're informed in SECONDS.
Even the internet can't provide that. Slow browsing, hardly ever instant even with 30 Mbit speeds, too much flash-banner ads, having to browse through endless pages of drivel.

Text tv is short, direct, and right there with all the news that matter.
The UK people must be in shock to lose such an invaluable service.

Thankfully we still have it.

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