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Submission + - iTunes Intentionally Breaks Syncing with Palm Pre (

SpectreBlofeld writes: Engadget has the scoop:

"Palm itself had warned that the Pre's iTunes sync functionality could be broken at a moment's notice (and at Apple's whim), but we're pretty sure no one expected it'd happen this quickly. We've been able to confirm that version 8.2.1 of the software prevents the sync from working, meaning that you've got to add music the old-fashioned way — the Pre functions as a USB drive, too — until Palm gets around to patching the hack (if they decide to patch it, that is). This could end up being a protracted game of cat-and-mouse, which is entertaining to watch but nightmarish for the consumers down in the trenches actually trying to use this stuff. Funny thing is, Apple's straight up saying in its release notes that the update "addresses an issue with verification of Apple devices" — in other words, they weren't being verified before, and now they are, thank goodness. Peaceful sleep is once again within our reach."

  You stay classy, Apple.

Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Line Forms at Apple for Absolutely No Reason (

SpectreBlofeld writes: According to EngadgetMobile, a line has formed in front of Apple's flagship Cube store in Manhattan. From the article:

So word on the street (literally) is that a large number of people are queuing in line outside of Apple's flagship store on 5th Avenue in New York City — keep in mind the Cube is open 24 hours a day. Our intrepid girl-on-the-scene reports that the group is more than 60-deep, though most people seem confused about what they're waiting for, but some believe they're actually camping out for a 3G iPhone.

  Prank, or mass hysteria?


Submission + - How to Hack a Pacemaker and Kill a Man (

SpectreBlofeld writes: Travis Goodspeed of the Extreme Measurement Communications Center outlines in great detail a method for exploiting TinyOS — an operating system specialized for wireless sensor networks. The exploit is triggered wirelessly, via machine code injection. Affected implementations of the software include battlefield operations, traffic control, and even surgically implanted medical devices. Indeed, a reminder that computer security is crucial even for the tiniest of devices.

Submission + - Students in Singapore Create Chameleon Suit

SpectreBlofeld writes: Taking a page from Ghost in the Shell, students in Singapore have created a soldier's suit that can blend in with its surroundings. From the article: "Using what is called Electrochromism, the students created a soldier's uniform that can blend into any surrounding. They achieved this by using a material that can change colours. This is one of the many projects by secondary and JC students under the Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP), which has been running successfully for the last 15 years." Story is at calnews/view/264786/1/.html

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