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Comment Re:Convince the Truck Buyers (Score 1) 293

a price tag to compete

This is Tesla we're talking about, their price will be competitive with other ultra high end luxury trucks if there are any.

2014 Chevy Silverado "High Country", MSRP $44,000 (from Chevy's web site).
That might even be reasonable to get a comparable price point from a Tesla truck ...

Comment Re:Taxi Drivers and Truckers (Score 4, Insightful) 333

Freight hauling would be a great use-case for these ... no mandatory rest periods which means much more effective use of time getting from location to location. If larger roads had dedicated freight lanes where the effective speed limit could be lower, then the extra "drive time" could be used to conserve fuel and road damage by operating freight vehicles at something a bit lower than typical highway speed.

Comment Re:There Some Reason (Score 1) 309

There are real advantages to having a dealership in your state. Especially if your product is novel enough that it likely can't be serviced easily by existing shops.

Very few people are interested in buying a car that they have to ship out of state for repair.

Fortunately, this isn't a problem for current Tesla owners. Tesla will bring you a loaner, leave it with you while they take your car to one of their (many) service centers. If anything, having a Tesla serviced is less of a hassle than most other cars.

I doubt they'll be able to continue this service model once their volume of sales is substantially higher, sadly.

Comment Re:Not only citations but accidents I'm sure (Score 1) 507

The "Yellow phase" - is actually a fixed 3 second Amber period in the UK.

No matter what the roads are like? It would be 3 seconds for both of these:

a 30mph (~50kph) road with 7 lanes (3 each direction of travel plus 1 for cross-road turning), intersecting a very similar road.
a 60mph (~100mph) road with 2 lanes (1 each direction of travel), intersecting a very similar road.

You would have to have nearly perfect reaction time to even stop a vehicle from 60mph in three seconds ... and, yes, both of these intersections are real examples from around my home town ...

Submission + - SpaceShipTwo tests its rocket engine and goes supersonic

ehartwell writes: It's official. This morning, after WhiteKnightTwo released SpaceShipTwo at an altitude of around 50,000 feet, pilots Mark Stucky and Mike Alsbury ignited the engine for a roughly 16-second blast. After the engine cutoff, the plane coasted back to its landing back at the Mojave airport. Virgin Galactic tweeted that the pilots confirmed "SpaceShipTwo exceeded the speed of sound on today's flight!"
Its predecessor, SpaceShipOne first went supersonic December 17, 2003.
Source: NBC News SpaceShipTwo lights up its rocket for first time and goes supersonic

Comment Re:Last Sentence (Score 1) 322

In other words, if the law enforcement had a reasonable suspicion you have incriminating data of a particular kind (perhaps a list of the prostitutes you pimp for, whatever) and a reasonable person would assume that data is on the encrypted media, they could go through channels (subpoena, search warrant, some form of judicial writ) that would require you to decrypt the media for a search for that specific data.

If law enforcement merely thinks you are a criminal (because you are living "above your means") and wants to go searching through all of your data just looking for "something illegal" ... that would fall afoul of the fifth amendment.

At least, that is my interpretation.

Comment Re:How hot does it get? (Score 3, Informative) 48

what is tdp?

Thermal Design Point - When the device is in it's worst possible power use case (maxed out CPU, GPU, drive usage, etc) ... the device should be able to dissipate all of the heat it is generating without going above the safe operating temperature of any of its components. That is notoriously difficult in small form factor devices unless you use components that are all designed for minimal power use ... which this is not using.

So either this has some incredibly amazing method of heat dissipation*, or it will overheat when in use, leading to reliability issues and shortened component life.

Comment Re:rocket up and down video (Score 1, Redundant) 167

Elon Musk is a visionary. He isn't looking to just do what others do, or limiting himself to what can be done next year, he's looking several years ahead. One of his goals is manned travel to Mars and return. That means being able to land a rocket in a non-destructive fashion and more efficiently than was done for Apollo. He's taking logical steps toward that goal.

Comment Re:Electricty has made daylight savings obsolete (Score 1) 646

Since 'most' people work 9-5, significant daylight time after 5pm is a pretty attractive concept.

I'm guessing you work on one of the coasts, probably the east coast of the US. Those are the only places in the US where a working day is commonly 9-5. In the central and much of the mountain time zone, the working day is 8am-5pm (break time isn't counted as part of "work time" so that amounts to an 8-hour work day).

Once you leave the US, I'd hazard a guess that 9-5 is even less common ...

Comment Re:Don't try it, it's illegal (Score 1) 328

This. Right here. Is the answer. I don't know why it is that some people HAVE to watch TV at all let alone a particular show. If we all ignore them they will go away and we'll be better off for it.

... but we have to protect their business model! How will we know that this year's model of the Gluttonous Seats 9 Suburban Assault Vehicle has automatic rain-sensing windshield wipers if we don't watch Some Stupid People on TV and view the advertisements?

Obviously the answer is to tape everyone's eyeballs open and put a TV-glasses on them so that people will be properly indoctrinated^W educated on these issues.

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