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Comment Re:Familiarity counts? (Score 1) 59

But with VR, specially VR that replicates physical actions into the game world (so that stepping forward in the game involves stepping forward in real life, not just pressing a key), that line may well become significantly blurred to the point where video games might actually have harmful effects (in this case, suppressing the instinct to not step off buildings).

This is a really interesting idea that is addressed in the David Cronenberg film eXistenZ . The film is about a virtual reality game designer on the run from a "realist underground" and deliberately plays with tropes about gaming and film watching. In a lot of ways it is to video games what Videodrome is to television.

Comment Re:It's like this. (Score 1) 878

It seems like you're confusing grammar and punctuation in your example. The formatting of the ellipses doesn't really matter to the meaning of the words, just like the recent arguments over one or two spaces between sentences. Grammatically, ellipses are used to indicate omission, so unless you've omitted something between any of those words which we are magically supposed to intuit, I think you've missed the point of your own example.

Submission + - Google joins SOPA protest, but no blackout (cnet.com) 1

SpectraLeper writes: CNET is reporting a Google spokeswoman has confirmed that the homepage will have a link highlighting the SOPA and PIPA bills, but will not go completely dark. The spokeswoman also confirmed that the protest link would not be tied to the companies logo. With a total Wikipedia blackout and Google participation, the SOPA/ PIPA issue will almost certainly find a broader audience tomorrow.

Submission + - Netflix keeps Hastings episode Unavailable

SpectraLeper writes: "Netflix recently added the documentary series "Bloomberg Game Changers," which, according to Netflix's own synopsis "profiles personalities who have re-defined technology, finance, politics and culture in our lifetime." Only one of the 16 episodes is unavailable: Reed Hastings'. This episode was originally aired in May, before his story became more controversial. So, why won't Netflix let its subscribers learn about its own co-founder and CEO?"

Comment Re:"Quikster" split a dumb move to begin with (Score 1) 253

Except that it is starving the company of funds. According to this article, DVDs cost almost $1 just to ship. Factor in the cost of the disc, the infrastructure, etc. and it barely pays for itself for normal customers. With super-users who can get 2 or 3 DVDs per week on a one disc plan, Netflix is practically hemorrhaging funds to keep the system around. Hence, the plan to split and, soon after, sell-off that half of their business.

Comment Re:Much better summary (Score 1) 209

From the link:
"The lid of the touchbook also pops off, so you have easy access to the hardware and it's two internal USB ports you can use for dongles you dont want hanging off the side of the tablet"

That may be the most exciting bit I've seen. An easily accessible MB with internal USB ports on a laptop? There's an extra 8 GB storage for another $15. Awesome.

Comment Re:Viewer Quality (Score 1) 575

When Netflix became available on XBox, my PC feed became useless as well...since I began watching everything on my XBox. And the quality from there is outstanding, in "HD" in some cases.

In all honesty, if I didn't have an XBox, I think it would be worth it to shell out the $100 for a Roku device. It has HDMI out, a dedicated remote, and you don't have to futz around with a computer, no Silverlight/Moonlight/Flash/whatever.

Now, I can already hear the cries of, "Why should I have to pay more..." but, in the end, if you want to use the Netflix streaming on a regular basis, you have an HDTV, and you don't own a 360, that's the way to go.

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