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Comment Re: DirectX is obsolete (Score 1) 135

PC gamers like to spend time mess with hardware, not software. And that one thing is what limits both Mac and PC gaming: Linux because of driver issues, Macs because of platform expansion restrictions. You can't even upgrade RAM anymore on any Macs except the outrageously priced Pro mini towers, which themselves have very limited expansion.

Until you can put X amount of graphics cards into a Mac or Linux box and they just work, and work together, PC gaming is never going away.

Comment Re:True, but.. (Score 1) 1145

Men have to deal with women's problems ad nauseum and are never allowed to comment upon it, women are allowed to hound and degrade men ad infinitum and it is always OK. If you are going into anything dominated by another culture, it is not that culture's responsibility to change for you. The idea that all cultures need to accept and make allowances for minority ideals is an asinine American concept that is not shared anywhere else in the world.

If you are not prepared to deal quietly and gracefully with the norms and mores of another culture, STAY THE FUCK OUT OF IT.

Comment Re:Sony shiting on its customers (Score 4, Informative) 344

Believe me, I had this problem. My PS+ sub renewed with an out-of-date credit card and 3 months later I am told I don't have access to PSN. No email, no reason, just call Sony. They want me to send a cashier's check, by postage mail, to them for the amount then they will "consider" unbanning my account. I can't pay it electronically where I can be sure they receive the amount and there is no guarantee they will unban my account after they receive payment.

I sold my PS3 the next day and I'm trying to sell my PSV.

Comment Re:Tax avoidance (Score 2, Funny) 592

You can use the United States as a prime example. I'm not here to do the job of educating you, we have complimentary public schools for that. Since you couldn't be bothered to participate in your education, then you can just research crime rates in the US.

Also, since you couldn't be bothered to participate in your education, you can research the Roman Empire and its welfare system and the reasoning behind it.

In addition, since you couldn't be bothered to participate in your education, feel free to research communism and the reasoning behind it.

Comment Re:Cool story, really.... (Score 1) 145

I still have many 68k Macs that could be put to some kind of use if they could run a modern OS. The issue is that everything that sits on top of the Linux kernel has unfortunately followed the Windows and Mac OS trend of requiring GPU support. I don't know (yes, I could Bing it) if LXDE requires compositing to run decently...

Comment Re:So Proud of Gun Ownership (Score 2, Informative) 1232

Social security numbers are public information. How do you think agencies and businesses can use that number to identify you? People think SSN is some secret number, it most certainly isn't.

Credit score is owned by private agencies. Nothing about credit is registered with the government.

Medical information is covered by HIPPA that supersedes the fact that medical records had no embargo of any kind on them.

We have no guarantee of privacy in this country. Nowhere in the constitution is privacy even mentioned.

Educate yourself. At your intelligence level it will be profoundly simple.

Comment Re:OS are not browsers (Score 1) 712

I would argue that no one would say their desktop/laptop is easier to use than their phone. The desktop moving to a simplified, streamlined experience is preferable to me. I was without a proper computer for about 4 months and I used my ASUS Transformer TF101 as a laptop replacement quite efficiently. Windows 8 is definitely the right directions where the OS recedes into the background.

Comment Re:This is a good thing (Score 1, Insightful) 712

When I report a bug to Microsoft they don't tell me to fix it myself. I'm grateful that adding new hardware to Windows is an automated process and Microsoft doesn't tell me I need to recompile the NT kernel if I want my USB camera to work. I'm particularly pleased that my integrated graphics card is supported by the OS and every application I use on it.

That's worth money to me.

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