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Comment WOMBAT! (Score 1) 182

Yes my friends this is your typical government Waste Of Money Brains and Time!

What is wrong you say? Well just suppose I went to my location and found some coverage. For me that would be wireless only as there is not cable or DSL within miles and that leaves only wireless.

Now I zoom it in and see it is covered. Big question is, covered by WHOM? I have guv'mint assurance that I can get it but no clue where to sign up. Thank you for nothing tax payers er bureau rats.

Comment Pipe Dream (Score 1) 111

Seems to me the target for this stuff would be the un-served rural population. There are millions of us out here who will be dead and gone long before we get even DSL service. You are looking at huge areas with insufficient population to support any "for profit" service except possibly wireless.

That brings us to the infrastructure needed. You have to have towers, power, radios, antennas, and back haul. Just because you make the spectrum "free" and declare service free does not put the necessary equipment in place.

Maybe they will pay for it with the surplus funds they make from 0bama health care.

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Can Google Adsense finance Ron Paul's Campaign?

danda writes: "RonPaul is popular with nerds. We know this from the "Best Presidential Candidate for Nerds" poll a few days ago which Paul won hands-down. He's especially popular with bloggers. We know this from all the blog posts being written about him, his digg popularity, and high technorati ranking. But can that online popularity translate into real-world success? To do that, his campaign needs money, lots of it, and soon.

So I have put together an online campaign to encourage bloggers to support Ron Paul with their Google Adsense dollars. The idea is simple: let Google's advertisers finance the campaign indirectly.

Participating is easy: 1) Choose whether to pledge 50%, 75%, or 100% of your adsense earnings to his campaign. 2) Display your pledge publically on your blog or website. 3) Receive Adsense payment and donate your pledged percentage to Paul.

Check out to get started.

Disclaimer: Neither nor myself are affiliated with the Ron Paul campaign or Google, Inc."

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