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Comment Beer bottle (Score 1) 148

Like throwing a beer bottle up into the blades to bring it down?

I note the complete lack of wind. If they can make it work that well in windy conditions, and you can take off with at least modest lake waves they're getting somewhere. The video only shows a scaled up hex copter flying. The problem is lots deeper than that - I want to see some evidence that they've made real headway.

Comment Re:There hasn't been a Friday night fight for a wh (Score 0) 272

There hasn't been a Friday night fight for a while - it looks like it's back. There used to be an article every week to inspire angry virgins to go around screaming SJW!!!!

Because it always a laugh when I'm blackmailed by a female co-worker threatening false reports because she's empowered by SJW workplace policies. The best time when one threatened charges against me unless I framed another co-worker she wanted to get. Such a laugh I must say. har har har You're such a genius comedian...

At a former employer I dated the HR person, which was an effective defense.

Comment Re:The obvious (Score 1) 272

What are you getting on about? mutantSushi's comment seems to be to the polar -opposite- of the kind of blanket pronouncements and knee-jerk reactions SJWs are generally accused of.

Exactly. You've misunderstood. That figure of speech means the AC is agreeing with mutantSushi.

'Don't confuse with facts' is a figure of speech meaning roughly 'the complainer is too dumb to understand the explanation of their mistake' - but used when the complainer may know damn well they're wrong and are doing it anyway to make political/religious/social waves and/or to take advantage of an unbalanced playing field that will grant them the win though their wrong.

AC could have written 'Don't point out the glaring contradiction that invalidates the whole point to an SJW, that's mansplaining! (or internalized misogyny if mutantSushi is female - or one of the other 20 er 50 er 92 genders)

Comment Re:If I had my way... (Score 3, Insightful) 227

Wherever did you find well meaning politicians?

I think you meant: Overlapping groups of politicians accept lobbiest influence to pass laws causing problems but profiting a group able to get that influence. That causes problems for an increasing number of others as the first group's grip is squeezed, and eventually enough band together to buy enough influence to get a 'fixer' law passed. Many politicians just pretend to be dumb, so they plead 'last minute resistance' and amendments as the reason the law was altered to one that only partly fixes the problem. Politicians milk this as long as they can, eventually creating a tangle of competing laws that contradict leading to lawsuits and judicial rulings that start the whole thing over again. Every round profits the politicians. It's almost as though they're all lawyers who understand how to create and profit from conflict. Almost...

So... where are these well meaning politicians?

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 167

Anyone not complying with any order the Officer chooses to give, lawful or not, can be charged with obstructing. Recording the incident can be charged under wiretapping laws. In any altercation with the officer, the other party is charged with resisting arrest and often assaulting an officer. The officer can demand any recordings of events under the threat of arrest and then destroy them (and the device they're on) if they're unfavorable.

That little list of only the really common ones is enough, don't you think? We didn't even have to touch on qualified immunity.

Comment Re:Remember, kids (Score 1) 183

Win32? What's that have to do with DOS? This happened in the 80s. Through at least the early 90s, when MS released a new product competing products were likely to start having 'issues'... like clockwork...

As I recall it was discovery in the Comes case vs MS that proved it. They'd had meetings to brainstorm ways to make competing software have continuous 'difficulties'. Through the 80s MS hadn't updated their operating system. Dos 3.3 needed all sort of helper software to be able to function with a network, mouse or any other driver. You'd use up the 640k of low memory and your application or game couldn't run. You needed a memory manager at least to be able to use the 640k-1024k area for the device drivers and to provide a memory interface to higher memory addresses. MS Dos 4 failed completely (early Vista?).

Digital equipment stepped in and made an advanced Dos that MS never reached feature parity with even with MS Dos 6 ( Dr. Dos ). Demand for storage had skyrocketed but hard drive pricing was stagnant. Processors had improved, so Stack made an innovative transparent hard drive compression system that loaded like a SCSI drive. Awesome stuff. So, MS created software that reported fake error messages if you used Dr. Dos and release MS Dos 6 with drive compression allegedly stolen from Stack. MS stalled the lawsuit from Stack until they ran out of money and folded. They tried that with Dr. Dos, but a lawfirm deep pockets managed to buy Dr. Dos and pursue the case. MS had been putting information about anti-competitive unlawful behavior in writing, which came out in that case. MS was behaving that way. It looks like MS sought single product profitable companies without a big cash reserve that couldn't complete a lawsuit if MS cut off their sales. Then take the product in some way, alter the OS to keep crashing with the victim product and use leverage with the sales channels to cut off opportunities to make sales. (later example - MS threatens to withhold Windows licenses from Compaq during Christmas if Compaq doesn't remove Quicken and replace it with MS Money on all PCs)

Comment Warranty (Score 2) 181

In my experience, if the manufacturer releases a firmware update that bricks some hardware revisions often they will not warranty repair it. Years ago one of the early Lexmark scanner+laser to make a copier devices shipped with a network stack bug that was a show stopper for us. ($3k+, T63x series printer as a base) Lexmark support wanted me to firmware update before returning it. I read the 'I agree' text with the update, which said bricking the device wasn't covered. I asked support if bricking the device was a risk, and kept a copy of the chat log - which was great because the update bricked the printer. When I called support back, they refused warranty replacement until I showed chat log copies. -sigh-

A friend had a similar experience with an Eyefi (wireless SD card). That's before you get to vendors that do feature or performance takeaway with the update.

Comment Re:Am I in a goddamn cyberpunk novel? (Score 1, Informative) 551

and fascism is the corner of the resultant grid where statism meets capitalism, the worst of both worlds. Neither state socialism nor libertarian capitalism are its opposite; libertarian socialism is.

Only 16 years from the end of the 20th century and you think the corner where statism meets capitalism is the worst? Really? Not where statism meets socialism?

Do the deaths of little people not matter as long as the great leap forward is achieved? Do you think the statist socialist places weren't doing socialism hard enough, or will you make a 'no true Scottsman' argument and claim they weren't doing it right? It's just that every single time... every. time... every. single. time... it ends in rivers of blood. The useful idealists are liquidated the moment they object.

So with more than 100 million dead between Mao's great leap forward and Stalin's war on the Kulaks and subsequent starvation of the Ukraine (Russia deliberately shipped food *out* during a famine) exactly how big does the death toll have to be? 5x the worst of fascism? 10x? Are you pining for your own Hundred Flowers campaign so you'll be free to achieve your vision afterwards? Have you 'seen the future, and it works!'? Did your primary education include Solzhenitsyn or the Hundred Flowers? The substantive answer is that it's damning of the political ideology that's in vogue, isn't it?

Statism is a real world slippery slope. Psychological manipulation techniques for whole societies work, and are well known. Those two amplify each others power. Statism has to be stopped before it reaches critical mass, but the point where that happens is only visible afterwards. You have to steer well clear of the avalanche area because you can't stop it. The society wide version of lynch mobs that result if you don't make actual mobs seem friendly. That's the lesson of the 20th century. Avoid this or there will be rivers of blood - unless you try really, really hard to do it right this time - then there will be oceans of blood instead.

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