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Comment Re:I'll go ahead and be that guy (Score 1) 174

firstly just because someone else got away with something doesn't mean you shouldn't punish someone who INTENTIONALLY broke the law for profit.

Straw man. You could just as easily read what I said to mean the bankers should have been punished. Which is what I meant.

secondly many of the people that lost their homes did so because of their own greed and stupidity

And many lost them because banks fraudulently filed paperwork that the homeowner wasn't aware of.

if you overleverage yourself without doing some basic research then you are at least partly responsible for the rod you created for your back.

And if the research you do is to ask the bank questions, and what they tell you is false, whose responsibility is that?

Many of those CEO's were definitely incompetent and should be sacked, being incompetent is not a criminal offense though.

Fraud is a criminal offense.

Comment Re:Why is this story worthy? (Score 4, Informative) 106

Why is this worthy of Slashdot? This is just an executive being busted by the FBI.

Because the exec was responsible for validating code that was found to not be doing what he said it did.

Do you have anybody in your company doing QA? Or auditing code? Think they might be interested in this?

Comment Re:What if your ISP is unstable... (Score 2) 34

I knew there'd be some self-centered person in the US who'd figure out some way to spin this to make it about America.

How about this?

Republican lawmakers have proposed fining Congressional representatives who stream live video or post photos from the House floor, in an apparent attempt to stop a repeat of last year’s Democratic live-streamed sit-in protest.

Now can we talk about how this applies to America, too?

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 92

The rules for freight make the rules around taxis rather simplistic.

Truth. And people don't even know how much they don't know. For instance: Did you know that makeup and perfume are classified as hazmat? Do you know what the laws are for allowable weight per axle? Are there any guidelines for load balance front-to-rear or side-to-side? If current regulations limit how many hours a driver may be on the road continuously, how would you apply those limits to a "driver" sleeping in the back while the truck drives down the highway?

This shit ain't easy. And sure, some of it may have gotten overspecified, but just ignoring all the regs like they did for taxis isn't going to play for long.

Comment They're in a race with Amazon (Score 2) 92

Like I said here:

This is Step 1

What is Uber for regular Uber doing right now? That's right, self-driving cars.

This "Uber for Trucks" is just Amazon getting all the shippers into their system so they'll be in the database with contracts already signed as soon as the self-driving trucks are ready.

I got the name wrong, but the play was right.

Comment Re:They forgot... (Score 4, Insightful) 212

Magsafe tends to be really bad if you do things like use your laptop in bed while plugged in. It comes out all the time, every time you move the laptop.

Yeah, that bothered me for like the first 30 seconds. Then I realized that every time I knocked it out I was doing something that would have been gradually breaking any other connector. If you hit it hard enough to knock it out, you want it to fall out instead of transmitting that stress to the jack.

Comment Re:Only 455? (Score 1) 189

YouTube? This is about tv programs. There's absolutely nothing (legally) on YouTube that's as well executed as the poorest TV shows. Or am I somehow missing a YouTube version of Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Quarry, Luke Cage.... ?

If Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Quarry and Luke Cage are your examples of "the poorest", I think I may know why you aren't finding stuff on YouTube that's better than that.

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