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Comment Re:Unfortunately Rudimentary (Score 1) 232

Keep in mind that, from the video and article, these users have only just begun using the device. It stated in the article that a significant issue is the individual learning how to balance themselves; I assume after that point the whole mechanism looks much more fluid.

Combine this with an EEG, and perhaps we could see people walking around without walking sticks in less than a decade.

Comment Recharging while driving Would be sweet... (Score 2) 215

The ultimate addition would be partially subsidized charging lanes along major interstate highways. The major issue right now with pure-electric vehicles is their poor range; if the highways were powered, this would be a greatly reduced problem. I foresee solar-powered induction chargers, even if they are pay per use. I could imagine driving through the midwest between say LA and Dallas, or San Francisco and Vegas, on a pure-electric vehicle without concern for losing power in the middle of the desert. Simply exit onto the lane, your EZ-pass will automatically pay a nominal fee, and set the cruise control.

Bonus points for single lane highways with markers for automatic driving, no passing, just specify your exit on the nav system... That's a bit off in the future, but might as well plan for it now! :)

Comment Re:Some improvement already (Score 1) 220

And it's about time, too... These sites were among the most annoying. Particularly sites that only perform search redirects, and those that claimed to have content, and request you jump through hoops (all in an attempt to generate ad revenue) to view their non-content... Of course, I recognize them straight away for the load of crap they are, these days, but getting rid of those would save me a ridiculous amount of time.

Comment Re:Bye Bye Monopoly (Score 1) 295

Very close... That wasn't the original jailbreak, per se, but rather was used after it was found that the version of libpng used in the Safari app had a well-documented vulnerability. This was patched in 1.1.2, if I recall.

The original jailbreak required quite a bit of hacking to get to work, and involved great strides from the community in reverse-engineering the communication protocols used in the dock connector, and in getting SSH and other services compiled for ARM.

Comment Re:Best way to upgrade? (or Videolan's website suc (Score 2, Informative) 419

They tend to stagger the updates just a bit on the automatic updates... They post it on the website for those who absolutely must have it now, while the casual users, using a perfectly good 0.9.9a, will get it sometime over the course of the next few days, or when they next get around to opening it.

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