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Submission + - Disney Conquers Physics: 3D Printing Impossible Tops (

SpaceCracker writes: Techcrunch posted this article:

"Have you ever been sitting around bored and found yourself trying to get some random household object — a battery, a pen, whatever — to spin around like a top? Disney has taken that idea to a pretty grand extreme. Combining the power of 3D printing and some damned clever physics work, they’ve worked out a way to make just about any shape spin for ages. The idea: if you have near-perfect control of an object’s distribution of mass, you can also control its center of gravity. Disney just passes in the 3D model and plugs in their spinning axis of choice, and their algorithms figure out what sections of the model’s internals need to be made hollow (or, in some cases, use a heavier printing material) for optimal balance. The bad news: this project was built by Disney’s Swiss research team for the SIGGRAPH 2014 conference, but it doesn’t look like they’re releasing any of the tools they built for others to tinker with. You can read their pdf on the project."

Comment Re: No, school should not be year-round. (Score 1) 421

Why stop at 2 or 3 months? Kids should be allowed to BE KIDS all year round. It's the education system (mistakenly known as 'school') that should use 'being a child' as a major guideline rather than some idiotic grown-up ideal.
Kids' natural curiosity, creativity and playfulness should lead them in exploring the subjects they are interested in. Teachers should facilitate access to resources and encourage them to overcome difficulties.
In such a school, attendance should be year-round. Family vacations should be allowed at any time up to N days per year.

Comment Re:How should this poll converge? (Score 1) 267

Here is a consideration that might skew the poll:
I guess that a color blind reader would have a greater tendency to take part in the poll than a reader with "normal" eye sight.
Therefore as a percentage of each of the two populations, among color-blind readers there would be a higher percentage of voter as compared to the others.
I speculate that there might be more people who voted CB than their actual percentage in the entire population or even just the male population.

Comment This doesn't make sense (Score 2) 209

sooo, let's see if I got this right:
- you "spent millions of dollars investing in an ERP system"*,
- then you "discovered" that the system only does input/output
- so for managing the data you use "systems of spreadsheets and access databases wrought with macros to turn them into functional applications"***
- on top of that you have empty data centers you can't really find any good use for****
- and you just learned some new buzz words related to cloud technologies but heard someone say cloud is counter productive+
- now your "CIO wants to dump everything" (as in throw the garbage) into the ERP but the accountants don't want to pay up
- so you're asking for our advice +++

If I were you I'd tell the CIO I'm "on it" then go play golf or make myself seem busy. From time to time report that there was progress but you need more time and maybe an assistant. Prepare a nice looking excel for days when he actually wants to see what you've been up to. If he wants you to explain this to management, prepare a nice PowerPoint with colorful graphs and a few acronyms and buzzwords (use the cloud words you learned).
Since I'm not you, I offer you my services as a contractor for a modest fee. I'm sure I can come up with a figure that your accountants will be willing to cough up and will enable me to retire comfortably. I have enough experience to make your boss believe he's getting his money's worth and can make nice presentations to upper management.

* you mean wasted millions, not spent or invested**
** "spent" or "invested" would be words used by Larry Ellison or your incompetent third-party implementer
*** gasp. someone please help! This is like taping a cardboard on your overpriced Bentley to block out the sun and then using a piece of string to tie a shopping cart to it when you go to Walmart's.
**** how about selling them or putting the place up for rent...
+ what (wtf) does cloud have to do with your ERP woes? Besides, why talk about cloud if your DC is idle? The whole irony here is that ERP is counter productive. ++
++ I had too many stars to signify footnotes so I decided on using pluses instead.
+++ I know you asked for our experience, but you're really looking for a way of making everyone happy.

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