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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Inexpensive Longterm Video and Photo 1

SoylentRed writes: So I now have a 9 month old daughter and I need your help! We have filmed a bunch of video and taken more pictures than we will ever know what to do with. What is our best solution to backing them up to ensure that when she is an adult that these pictures will still be available!?

We are taking the best — printing them — and getting them in albums... But aside from keeping them all on my wife's macbook and continuing to use TimeMachine as the back up for that — I want a dedicated backup solution simply for the videos and photos.


My only best idea at the moment is to purchase two 2TB hard drives and back up to one and then back up the back up to the second hard drive. Then once one fails — I buy 2 more and move the backups to the new drives. This really my best option?


Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Best longterm video/picture storage? 2

SoylentRed writes: I recently have had my first kid, a wonderful healthy daughter who is now just over 6 months old. As one can expect, we have an abundance of photos and videos, and have started to scratch our head about the best way to store these files and back them up long term. My parents have asked us (funny thing is it was my mom — the LEAST tech savvy person among our family) what our plan is to make sure these files are saved and available for her when she is older — which made me realize that we don't really have a good plan!

We are currently using TimeMachine on my wife's MacBook Pro as our back-up... so for now we are doing ok with that as a back-up. But my parents have offered to help pay for something that might be a better solution.

We could burn DVD's — but that is tedious and gets to be a pain as we would need to back those up (or recopy) them every year or so to be sure we aren't suffering from degrading dvds.

Is our best option right now to pick up 2 hard drives, back-up all our pictures and videos to the first, and then use a 3rd party app to mirror that drive to a second — just in case one of them craps out?

Is there an online solution that would be better? We are still a few years away from being able to afford the dvds/cds that are the 100+ year discs... is there a better solution I haven't thought of?

Thanks for the help and suggestions!
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Running Mac OS X On Standard PCs 623

ZDOne writes "ZDNet's reviews team have been tinkering with the various ways of running OS X on standard PCs. They found that with the right hardware components, a standard PC running Mac OS X Leopard is, at first sight, no different from a genuine Apple Mac. Special CPU extensions such as Intel VT-x provide support for software solutions like Parallels Desktop for Mac. Even Adobe Photoshop, which queries a Mac to verify its authenticity, runs fine on a standard PC thanks to EFI emulation. However the article points out that it's a pretty technical proposition to get OS X running on non-Apple hardware, beyond all but the most powerful power users. And then there is the legal question. Don't even think about trying to put OS X on your PC without first purchasing a legitimate copy of Mac OS Leopard."

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