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Comment Re:Back-compat? (Score 3, Informative) 65

Is this like some sort of "jacket" you put your already existing RFID card into that blocks signals unless told otherwise, or is it something that would have to be added to new cards?

From TFA:

Eventual plans call for the Guardian to be incorporated into cell phones and PDAs, but the current model is a pocket-sized device that runs on its own battery and provides a circular 1m field of control over RFID tags, jamming any tags that the user does not want read.

TFA goes on to explain exactly how it does it, but in a nutshell it has an internal list of RFID tags along with what it should do for each tag - block everything, only allow certain readers to access it, etc. If it's not allowed, then it blocks the RFID tag's response by jamming the signal.

But since it works by detecting and jamming the signals sent, and not by any physical connection or link to the RFID tags themselves, it should function with any pre-existing RFID tag.

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