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Comment Re:Can he sell covered puts... (Score 1) 170

Very unlikely. Covered puts could only be covered by a short position in the stock. To sell a covered put, the employee would have to own a short position in the stock. It's typical that incentive-stock agreements will prohibit the employee from taking or holding any bearish equity/derivative positions. Shorting AAPL would violate that employee agreement.

You probably meant calls, not puts. If you did indeed mean calls, it wouldn't be a covered position unless he owned the underlying stock, which he won't until he vests and exercises. And if he did own the stock, selling the call against it would be considered a bearish move, and thus prohibited by the employee agreement.

Comment Re:Ideas are cheap... (Score 1) 735

Isaac Asimov was constantly approached by wannabe writers who always had the next Great Idea [snip]

This is an excellent comparison. In my dark hours, I sometimes dream about abandoning coding and becoming a fiction writer, where instead of slogging through the multiple lifetimes of work it would take me to build the next Google, I just write an exciting fictional story about the guy who did, sell the screenplay rights, and live on an island. That's gotta be way easier than coding, right?

In reality, I am sure that good fiction is as difficult to write as good code. Same problems, different languages. And so it surely is with any expression of ideas in usable forms.

Comment Re:Chrome stats probably erroneous (Score 5, Informative) 505

The Chromium Blog says:

If you're measuring memory in a multi-process application like Google Chrome, don't forget to take into account shared memory. If you add the size of each process via the Windows XP task manager, you'll be double counting the shared memory for each process. If there are a large number of processes, double-counting can account for 30-40% extra memory size.

To make it easy to summarize multi-process memory usage, Google Chrome provides the "about:memory" page which includes a detailed breakdown of Google Chrome's memory usage and also provides basic comparisons to other browsers that are running.

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