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Comment Re:Well, that about wraps it up for the US (Score 1) 685

It's not just the USA. I'm in the Canadian military and recently received an email from the IT people warning us not to access Wikileaks because:

  • The site attracts a large volume of traffic. Given the nature of the material, third parties could collect and exploit visitor data or deliver malicious software through downloaded files.
  • Conducting web searches for this information may expose the user’s computer to malicious search engine poisoning attacks.
  • Some information on Wikileaks remains classified and could constitute a breach of security policy if viewed from, or downloaded to, DND/CF computers.

The third point is the one that the US used in this submission. The first two are just entertaining.

Comment Re:Good and bad (Score 1) 261

And then there's RailWorks, a $40 game that has $920 worth of DLC available on Steam, and more comes out practically every week. It's perhaps the only game that could be as expensive to play as the hobby that it simulates (model trains).

Comment Re:Firest a ground zero mosque now this whats next (Score 1) 671

GP has specifically asked about "nuke the USA" game. Nuclear strikes are carried at a "high level of abstraction" in reality as well.

This was something that DEFCON nailed so very well. Playing to the soundtrack of muffled beeps and ventilation fans, then hearing someone sobbing in the background as "5 Million Dead" glows over Los Angeles, was enough to make me stop playing, creeped out.

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