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Wireless Networking

Submission + - AT&T Slammed by Consumer Reports (

An anonymous reader writes: The annual survey of wireless customer satisfaction from Consumer Reports hits the streets this week and it doesn’t have much good to say about AT&T. In a canvass of more than 50,000 readers spanning 26 U.S. cities, the organization found the carrier had the lowest customer-satisfaction rating in 19 cities surveyed. The reason? iPhone overload.
Linux Business

Submission + - Top desktop virtualisation suites put to the test (

An anonymous reader writes: The authors of this article tested VMware Workstation, Virtualbox, Parallels Workstation, KVM and Wine to determine which was the best desktop virtualisation solution by speed, compatibility and features. The tests were all run on Ubuntu as a base operating system.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Disable ADs?

Hello everyone!

Logged into /. this morning and saw this nice note:

As our way of saying thank you for your positive contributions to Slashdot, you are eligible to disable advertising. Or something like that.

I checked the box to satisfy simple curious interest and got:

Thanks again for helping make Slashdot great!

Thanks guys!

Operating Systems

Submission + - Which Linux distro should I choose? 2

techno-vampire writes: Currently, I'm using Fedora Linux on my desktop, and Puppy Linux on my very old laptop. I do tech support for my sister, who uses Ubuntu Linux. Now, I have a chance to get a brand-new, modern laptop and it occurs to me that this is a chance to broaden my Linux knowledge. The new laptop will mostly be used for browsing, email and wordprocessing, with gaming a minor consideration. If you were me, which Linux distro would you install, and why?
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Jailbreak Palm Pre with the Contra code! (

An anonymous reader writes: The Palm Pre ROM image has leaked out, and so has a way to jailbreak it. On the Precentral forums, someone found that Palm has the ROM inside the webOS Doctor recovery tool. Also in the thread, someone found that entering the contra code into the launcher (upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart) brings up a hidden app called 'Developer Mode Enabler.' It looks like entering the contra code is how you jailbreak the Pre. All the source code of the JavaScript apps is in the ROM, so I we'll see apps for jailbroken Pres soon! This is the best easter egg ever!

Submission + - 18 New Google Android Phones This Year (

viyh writes: "By year's end, there will be at least 18 phones on the market worldwide based on the Android operating system, Google disclosed for the first time Wednesday.

Andy Rubin, senior director for Mobile Platforms for Google and the spearhead of the Android operating system, said the number could be as high as 20. (That figure does not include devices made by manufacturers that use a basic Android system but have not apprised Google of its use). The 18 to 20 devices Google knows about will be made by eight or nine different manufacturers, Mr. Rubin said.

He declined to say which manufacturers will make said phones or for which wireless carriers. At present, there are at least two Android-centric phones — T-Mobile's G1, available in the United States, and a phone called "Magic" made by HTC and available in Europe.

Mr. Rubin said that, in general, carriers will be slower to introduce Android phones in the United States than in Europe. The reason, he said, is that the domestic market is so competitive that carriers and handset makers want to create highly distinctive versions of the Android phone to give themselves an edge."


Submission + - $99 HP Laptop -- no Intel Chips. (

jmccarty writes: From the article: ... NVIDIA is showing off an HP Mini 1000 at CTIA that it has totally gutted, replacing the laptop's stock Atom-based circuitry with its own Tegra wares atop a bone-stock Windows CE build. At first the move seems counterproductive since Tegra can't run XP or Vista, but if you look at this as the first prototype of a large Tegra-powered $99 MID, you're thinking along the right lines.

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