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Journal Journal: Subscription...

I bought subscription for me and one of my best friends, just to see if it is worth it. Well... since not everybody has it, it is worth it :D

No real benefit so far, but hey, how would one benefit from /. anyhow. Slashdotted servers? Anyone?

No, seriously, it was cheap and easy to make me feel like I bought something. That always makes me feel better about myself. And I do like the idea of supporting /.
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Journal Journal: Ironically, I had to buy that same bike again...

As I wrote in my last entry, I bought excellent bike before the summer this year. Now, it was stolen about a month ago, and I got the insurance money and bought the same bike. Although next year's model. Nice to see people still steals bikes.. NOT.
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Journal Journal: New bike

Bought a new bike today. Nishiki RH75. And small pride resides in the fact that it was designed especially for my country's importer's 75th. anniversary. Decent bike all in all, 40mm front suspension which is a first for me, and I like it a lot already. Small bumps in the road goes un-noticed unless paying attention visually to them. Deore gears and shifting parts. And the cost... bit less than 900€.
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Journal Journal: 3 years ago..

Today, 22.5. ... and yes I know it might look funny to people who doesn't even use the metric system, but still, on this date three years ago my brother died because of a cancer. So there, comments disabled and all, I don't want to discuss about it, just open up about it. Not that much tho.

Miss ya bro. Still and forever.
United States

Journal Journal: TransAtlantic Opinion Hassle

Once again Homeland Security & Co. makes me think about the US domestic situation. And that thinking is in vain, but still it makes me write stuff and so on.

I know that this site is mainly US driven, but that doesn't change facts about topics in here. Every now and then privacy and security conflicts. People say that more security could invade their privacy.

  Makes me remind myself about a husband who asks his wife if this doesn't trust him anymore. And then the wife asks, why, is there a reason not to?

If you are honest person, what would you have to hide from officials? But then again, there is an issue of misuse of authorities. And you are back where you left.

Darn it, I continue on this topic after I get my Zzz's out of my head.

My subject choices keep on refining...
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Journal Journal: Disinterest or vanity?

These journals, are they totally useless to anybody else but their owners? Subject of this entry might be slightly misleading, but who cares.

At 01.42 o'clock at work, it is not that relevant. Eventhough I should be caring about what I write and what I don't write. At this time I don't

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