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Comment download does NOT equal loss of sale (Score 4, Insightful) 374

"'People don't realize that when you pirate a movie it hurts all of the people who work very hard to get it produced — from the cast to the production assistants to the makeup artists. So we are going after every one of them who pirates our content."

No, it doesn't hurt you. Either I "preview" said film via torrent, maybe, or I don't see it at all. Now, please tell me where is the loss of sale? Oh, hurts.. well maybe that.

Submission + - Darl McBride terminated from SCO (

An anonymous reader writes: On October 14, 2009, The SCO Group, Inc., (“SCO”, “us”, “we”or the “Company”) announced that the Company has eliminated the Chief Executive Officer and President positions and consequently terminated Darl McBride. The current management team comprised of Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Hunsaker, Chief Financial Officer, Ken Nielsen and General Counsel, Ryan Tibbitts, along with the rest of the management team will continue to work closely with the Chapter 11 Trustee and his advisors.

Man Gets 50 Jobs in 50 States in 50 Weeks 4

Dan Seddiqui has spent the past year fighting a one man war on unemployment. After being unable to get a job and finding himself around $150,000 in debt, Dan came up with a scheme in which he would take a year going state to state and trying out the career that each state was most famous for. His favorite job was bartending in Louisiana during the middle of Mardi Gras, and he would be happy to never work on a lobster boat for the rest of his life. Dan learned a lot about people and the country on his journey. Most importantly he learned that publishers are falling over themselves to get the rights to his book. After writing his memoirs, Dan plans on becoming a dietician, a job that he did for a week while in Mississippi.

Comment Are we or are we not ASKING for ads? (Score 1) 244

I wonder how can companies that sell ads to games think that those ads will do what they are supposed to be doing if players do not want those ads in the first place? I personally HATE every kind of ad there is. If I need something I get something. Simple as that. And forcing ads to games I might actually pay, I despise the idea to that way make me also pay for the ads.

I cannot even begin to understand what slim chance of thinking goes thru in-game ad seller's head that makes them think the players would like to PAY to get the ads? I know the reason for the ads is money, but it is like me wondering whether or not a bear would like to stand completely still while I aim it with a rifle.

I will either do my utmost to block ad-servers or then avoid ad-infested games altogether. Even if my only reason would be to keep me from donating money to ad-seller.

I would make ads illegal globally if I had the chance.

Submission + - Rumour: Adobe to open source parts of Flash player

Sun writes: "This really is from the "unsubstantiated rumours" department.

The Israeli online newspaper "Daily Maily" reports (content in Hebrew) that Information Week reports that Adobe announced it intends to open source ActionScript Virtual Machine, the engine behind Flash Player. According to Daily Maily, it will be integrated into Mozilla as a new open source project called "Tamarin". It is not clear whether this new engine is supposed to serve Flash or JavaScript content, however.

I am sorry about the long list of references, but aside from the link at Daily Maily, I have not managed to pick up a single reference to this piece of news, from either Adobe site or the Mozilla site. Any collaborating evidence would be appreciated."

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