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Comment Re:*Citation Needed* (Score 1) 794

Ah well. I am a US citizen living in New Zealand. New Zealand allows all citizens *and* permanent residents to vote in general elections. It makes sense to me that if you live in a place, you should have a say. Even if it's a 300-millionth of an opinion. (or a 4 millionth of an opinion in NZ -- when you think about it my NZ vote is ~100x more powerful than my US one)

Comment Re:*Citation Needed* (Score 1) 794

Very true, and all good points. However, I'll bet that that's the same argument that's used for *every* disenfranchised group. I'll bet, before women's suffrage, women were told they *could* be a part of political process by influencing how their husbands would vote. Why would they want a vote of their own, then?

If I'm allowed, in fact encouraged, to do those things you mention, then why can't I vote too?

Comment Re:*Citation Needed* (Score 1) 794

Perhaps not, but let's say I am a legal resident of the United States. I am subject to all of its laws and its protections, and I pay tens of thousands of dollars in taxes to the United States ever year. Am I still entitled to zero influence on my home? Am I not allowed to have the same say as you as to what my taxes are spent on?

Comment Re:Nice idea, but limited scope (Score 1) 175

$500 (or even $1337) seems a bit low to encourage a would be criminal to go legit with some clever zero day, rather than exploit it.

Yes, a criminal won't be tempted by such a low number. But an honest person will be. And there's still more of those around. If you can encourage them to look at your code and report bugs, for both fun *and* honest profit, then you have an edge.

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