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Comment Re:Only the BBC could so progs like this (Score 3, Insightful) 66

It would be interesting to see if a more fair and commercially balanced TV-scape would give rise to some healthy competition (instead of a scramble to stay alive) that would raise the quality, and maybe even the breadth, of programming across the board if all the broadcasters got a share of the licence fee and they all had to put up with the same commercial realities.

Have you ever tried to watch American television?

Comment Re:A $25 cpu is not a $25 computer (Score 1) 194

Since it's supposed to boot and run from an SD card which can also be written to from another machine, it's effectively impossible to brick the thing. If you bork your boot sector, just rewrite the boot image from your other computer (in the classroom scenario, the teacher can do this) and you're ready to go again.


Submission + - Google may shut down its Chinese operations (bbc.co.uk)

Soruk writes: Google is considering its position after a sophisticated hack from within China penetrated their systems there, seemingly in an teempt to attack their Gmail platform. According to a blog post referenced by the BBC article, the attackers were specifically after the details of Chinese human rights activists.

Comment Re:That'd make the new company simply... Orabile! (Score 1) 74

3 is not an MVNO. They may have recently set up a network sharing agreement with T-Mobile, but that doesn't make them a virtual network. The basic idea is that all existing T-Mobile 3G towers now transmit both T-Mobile and 3 identifiers, and same goes for the existing 3 ones.

However, their network is a bit patchy, but their data plans aren't too bad - but watch their out-of-bundle rates of 10p/MB on contract or £1/MB on PAYG.

Compare to Orange's "mobile broadband" offering where their bundles might not be quite as generous but out-of-bundle is 1.5p/MB.

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