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Comment The Down Side (Score 3, Interesting) 235

The down side is that you may wind up in a mediocre soul-sucking job in a giant corporation. Both companies have a few glitzy positions, but unless you come in as a rock star, those positions aren't for you - they're for people with seniority who got in 5-10 years ago. You might get lucky and play office politics and hitch a ride on someone's rising star. You might get unlucky and get backwater projects that nobody cares about but nobody has the cajones to properly cancel.

Comment I do it both ways, and then some (Score 1) 831

I do Python web development on MacOS X, coding in XCode, deploying to Linux.
I also do Java in Eclipse on both Mac and Linux.
I also hack in C/C++/ObjC in XCode and emacs depending on which platform I'm on.
They're all fine, really. I like my MacBook Pro, and my homebrew Linux desktop, and my Linux VM serving my stuff out of someone's cloud.
The original story is lame. No story. Move along.

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