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Comment Re:I understand this (Score 1) 152

Don't slurp.

OK, if that's a sound that bothers you, I can respect that. I tend to eat fairly quietly.

Except when I'm over at the neighbor's house. They have two little ankle-biting yipper dogs that I love to torment by acting like I'm eating and making "nom-nom-nom" sounds. They think they're missing out and it drivrd them crazy.

Comment Re:I understand this (Score 2) 152

Swallowing is uncultured? What's the alternative, not swallowing?

Eat! Chew! Swallow! Do all of these! I don't need to hear you do them!

On another note, slurping is OK. It is recognized as good manners in some cultures. (but once it's inside your mouth, there's no need for any more noise!).

Comment They need to be really, really careful... (Score 2) 174

There are some states, (i.e. Florida panhandle) that span two time zones. In at least one recent election (Bush/Gore?) the TV pundits called the race before all the poles in the state (both time zones) had closed. It was claimed that this illegally discouraged voters. They risk running afoul of U.S. election laws if something like this happens.

Comment Re:There was a modern MS DOS ... (Score 2) 211

Ultimately, we decided that if you can't run classic DOS programs on a "modern" DOS, then it's not DOS anymore.... We won't be multitasking or multiuser or any other "modern" operating system functionality. That's not what it means to be DOS.

Keep the software functionality; it's perfect for specific circumstances. Please try to modernize the hardware interface as much as possible. A lot of contemporary computers lack what was considered basic hardware when DOS was new (and gained new stuff).

Submission + - Isao Tomita electronic music pioneer has died

Sooner Boomer writes: Isao Tomita, the so-called "godfather of Japanese music" passed away Tuesday at the age of 84. He was the first person to import a Moog synthesizer into Japan, encountering trouble with customs who suspected it was some sot of military device. His music, although mostly based on classical music, influenced great rock icons such as Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson. Obit and more at LA Times:

Comment Re:borg^h^h^h^hSpaceX interpret damage as educatio (Score 1) 150

We don't know what was burning down there. It might just have been fuel seeping out of the turbopump.

As the booster uses fuel as the working fluid in the hydraulic system (in a total-loss manner), it probably was fuel from the hydraulic system leaking/draining. A concern I had was that since this is a total-loss system (the fuel is not recirculated, but rather dumped when "the other side" of an actuator is powered) the booster could have run out of fuel/hydraulic fluid before it touched down. Wonder how much was left in the tank?

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