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Comment Re:Now to understand what it means (Score 1) 2416

There will only be two types of plans now, and the coverages are basically identical. Sorry if you wanted something different. Be prepared for endless politicizing of your yealthcare, though, since the coverages are no longer determined by you, your employer and your insurance companies willingness to pay or not pay for something, but by unelected bureaucrats and armies of lobbyists.

Comment Re:Now to understand what it means (Score 1) 2416

Uh.. You will be paying for more than ER visits now, since the poor will be shuffled on to medicare where doctors are payed a fixed amount per month per patient in case the patient gets the sniffles or something. Of course many doctors say that amount is already too low, and probably will stop seeing medicare patients all-together.

Comment Re:So.... (Score 3, Interesting) 423

Yesterday the RIAA-produced video In Trial, which covers the societal dangers of music piracy, made its way out to torrent sites, and among its contents are instructions on how to get RIAA investigators qualified as expert witnesses, a guide to identifying pirated CDs, and the above bit, about the links between people who profit from pirated music and people who deal weapons, populate terror cells, and murder their fellow man for sport. Here:

Comment Re:More monitors (Score 1) 359

Agreed. More monitors. I am using four, two 24 inchers flanked by two 20 inchers. You can really never have too many until you run out of deskspace. Mult-monitors + RDP to home + RDP to old work machine + VMWare Workstation is how I roll. I recommend Ultramon to put a taskbar across all of them and add icons that allows you to move windows from one to other easily.

Comment Non-violent criminals start off as non-criminals (Score 1) 260

"We know from lots of studies and lots of data now that violent criminals very often begin their careers as nonviolent criminals. And the earlier you can get a nonviolent criminal's DNA in the data bank, the higher your chances are of apprehending the right person.' Holy crap? That's the logic behind this? Well i have lots of data that non-violent criminals "very often" begin their careers as non-criminals. So I guess we should friggin DNA everyone.

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